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VIDEOS | ‘They look like zombies’: Hidden camera reveals terrifying effects of tranquilizer

The United States has alerted to a new medication which has the ability to transform consumers into a kind of zombie life. According to health authorities, the new toxic substance is popularly known as “calm”, because it contains a tranquilizer for animals and has devastating effects on humans. Dozens of videos showing the devastation caused by this medication They went around the world and sparked all kinds of reactions among Internet users.

In the recordings, we see young people walking like undead and do awkward movements and without any sense. The people appearing in the clips look completely disoriented, walking slowly or repeating the same motion. According to specialists, these are the main reactions caused by the calm in the human body, which range from excessive sleepiness and respiratory depression to skin rot in consumers.

In states like Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and South Carolina, and New York, the presence of this substance has already been reported and cases have been documented. young “zombies” after using this deadly drug. According to US authorities, the popular new drug contains xylazinea tranquilizer approved only for animals which, when mixed with the fentanylit reinforces its effect and generates a powerful addition while lastingly damaging the skin.

On Monday, Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan told the New York City Council’s Public Safety Committee that “the xylazine it is increasingly linked to overdose deaths in New York. It has been present in the city for more than a year and now it is starting to saturate the market”. He revealed that in the city they discovered more than 44 books of fentanyl cut with the xylazine “extremely cheap to buy” on a recent raid in Queens.

As the official explained to local media, “people who inject drug mixtures containing xylazine they can also develop serious injuries, including necrosis, the breakdown of human tissue, which can lead to amputation. According to his research, doctors do not know why the wounds and rotbut skin ulcers can be attributed to damage to blood vessels caused by the drug.

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