Disable your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi when you leave the house or office: it’s for your safety

It may be a way to get a free Wi-Fi network but you expose yourself to multiple dangers of hacking.Credits: Pexels

Now every time you leave the house you have to add a one more step to the routine. You shouldn’t just take your satchel or bag, keys, wallet and mobile phone, to this you will need to add the turn off your wifi and if you want – and you haven’t linked it to another device – your bluetooth. In the first case, we will explain in detail the why do you need to do this? But in general, you can be told that he will keep your personal information safe Yes it will save a lot of battery of you Mobile equipment. This simple advice will be so effective that it will save you hundreds of worries which – surely more than one – have suffered. We know that the initial rationale will be that without the Internet connection you risk abusing your mobile data, but there is a simple solution for this.

Secure data and more battery

We know that perhaps forgetfulness or laziness was more the original reason why we left the Wireless alight. We also hope to find some open network that allows us to save our mobile data and therefore not to pay extra our plan. But the reality is that the battery life of you phone like you personal information, they will be very grateful if you buy this habit. At the first point, the battery saver —even if you don’t think it’s important—it’s extremely necessary if your team is already joining the ranks of the mobile phones “old”. Niche media claim that letting our portable is uploaded to 0 percent damages components device and shorten the lifetime. Did you know that what exhausts him the most is this type of connection?

Now, if you’re planning on being away from home all day and there won’t be no secure connection —like home or office— to connect to, the ideal is to use the mobile data. And in order not to go beyond the megabytes acquired, it is necessary to avoid using the streaming platforms so many Music like video —unless we uploaded the information to our team—. Also, through the application from your provider and your cell phone, limiting internet access when we reach the limit of our plan will help a lot. Besides that, when our mobile phone is between the 30 and 15% battery, We need to connect it with light in order to prolong the useful life of our device.

Let us remember that the Wireless it’s a wireless connection and not only does it consume or use this network when we are in a data transfer, but also when it is in a search active network. So think that the time you spend without entering a secure modem, all the time you are exposed to reading signals from other homes, businesses, public buildings, shared spaces, etc In the same way, we recommend that you extend this habit to other types of connections such as bluetooth or nfc, What does el in spanish translate to Near field communication between the android devices.

For the second theme it’s security, We point out that it is essential that you take care of Wi-Fi networks without password, i.e. those who are open for all the users. In these, the constant is given Information theft or the known cyber threats. We don’t need to remind you that if you the connection is active and you portable connects automatically, you will be logged into this “modem” your income to your banking applications, social networks or all kinds of sensitive information. All this without knowing that you navigation give these weapons delinquents steal your Personal informations. If you want log in to one of these networks, ideally you have one vpn installed in your mobile device.

Check that your Wi-Fi connection is turned off

Ideally, even if you have a vpn To deal with these digital threats, avoid connecting to this type of network at all costs. To verify that it is off, you can enter your menu of Setting That is The settings and look for the section Link Wireless. This will manually disable it. Although some smart devices already have it more accessible in the drop-down menu at the start. You just have to go down the drop-down menu, look for the icon of Wireless and disable it from there. With this you will also prevent the recording of your geolocation GPS in case you don’t need to use this service. In the case of mobile phones with the operating system of Android, we should only seek to disable the Google location accuracy.

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