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First 100% online and cloud security system launched in Brazil

Importantly, cyber threats aren’t the stuff of movies. In fact, every day, thousands of companies are exposed to attack attempts that are often not even noticed, but if they are successful they can jeopardize the existence and security of the company.

And this danger isn’t limited to large corporations. Small and medium-sized businesses have also been targeted by cybercriminals, who are becoming more creative in planning scams to steal sensitive information, sensitive data, logins and passwords.

“There are so many events that need to be monitored and at such speed that, often, companies don’t even know where to start to ‘raise their defenses’ against possible attacks,” says Fabrizio Alves, CEO of Vantix, a Cyber Security company that operates in the development of security and data protection solutions.

The company recently launched Brazil’s first 100% online and cloud SOC (Security Operations Center) in the Brazilian market. The goal is to provide a format for security professionals to understand where threats exist and how to combat them quickly and effectively.

Fabrizio clarifies that many SOCs work in the background and monitoring does not always take into account the events being assessed and the degree of risk.

“With our CYREBRO solution, in the cloud and in a simplified way, we democratize information and make the investigation and response process much more agile. Plus, the customer sees exactly what’s important, from a super intuitive dashboard ”.

The solution integrates all security tools, solutions and technologies into a single platform, transforming information overload about cybersecurity into visibility, context and clarity in real time. Managed by the platform’s cyberbrain, which streamlines the threat detection and alerting process, it is possible to obtain a single and centralized view of all cybersecurity incidents.

Another great advantage is that SOC is presented as a complete solution that can be easily integrated. “We offer a ‘full menu’ instead of our customer having to choose and assemble every part of the system. Imagine going to a restaurant and having to choose each ingredient of the dish. It gets a lot more complicated ”, exemplifies the CEO of Vantix.

In addition, the company has the support and experience of CyberHat, an Israeli company and the largest cybersecurity technology hub in the world, with the common experience of more than 400 companies in 26 different countries.

In total, more than 140 experts are involved in SOC development and monitoring, and when a customer purchases the solution in the cloud, they are provided with more than 2,000 rules to define scenarios to identify events and alerts for various use cases.

This eliminates the (extremely expensive) effort of creating your own internal SOC, which is difficult to develop and maintain. With a plug-and-play installation, the platform offers complete visibility into the existing security location, while delivering advanced cybersecurity that responds quickly and efficiently to cyber threats.

Cyber ​​security knows what a cybersecurity professional does

Customers benefit at all times from a comprehensive SOC infrastructure offering with advanced capabilities, including intelligence and threat hunting, forensic investigation and incident response.

In addition, SOC offers security-based offensive prevention capabilities that include vulnerability management, automated pentesting, attack simulation, and comprehensive attack surface management.

“Security must be offensive, not just defensive, and with all these resources we can predict even before being attacked, and this raises the level of security”, concludes Fabrizio.

The first 100% online and cloud security system launched in Brazil first appeared on Olhar Digital.

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