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Technology Blackout: Investing in education and training for leaders will make a difference

A study by Robert Half, a California-based global human resources consultancy firm, finds that nearly 80 percent of recruiters say they have difficulty finding qualified professionals to fill tech jobs.

The technology market in Brazil is one of the hottest in the world. The Association of Information Technology Companies (ICT) estimates that, by 2025, 800,000 new jobs will be created in the area and around 530,000 should not be covered due to a lack of qualified professionals.

Consulting firm Robert Walters shows that data and security experts, developers and leaders in technology and innovation are the most sought after profiles in 2022.

Salaries can reach R $ 15,000

The national median salary for a developer is BRL 4,000 and can reach BRL 15,000 for a senior professional, according to a Glassdoor survey. Consulting firm RH EDC Group, on the other hand, shows that 62% of Brazilians are open to career changes, whether they are looking for more flexible hours, remote work or a better salary.

And to address this lack of skilled labor in the field of technology and provide better opportunities for professionals interested in the area, Escola Conquer, a benchmark in business courses, has announced its entry into the segment of technology education.

From now on, Conquer will offer more than 10 online courses on a technology training path, as well as a non-traditional postgraduate course in Leadership and Management in Technology. The course will be launched online, in an event open to the public, on 4 October, starting at 8 pm

“The path of our non-traditional postgraduate course has been developed to move out of the existing formats of the market, offering the differences of our methodology with the flexibility and practice that the student needs. The technology leadership market needs more professionals and our role is to encourage students to develop the essential skills for leaders of high-performance technology teams, both for those who are just starting out and for those who want to continue their accelerated development ” explains Josef Rubin, co-founder of Conquer.

In addition to undergraduate studies, find out which technology courses are available on Conquer Plus:

The non-traditional path to becoming a Tech Leader
October 4th (Tuesday)
8:00 pm

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