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4 Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Change Now!

Among all social networks, Facebook is the most suspected of thoroughly investigating its users to precisely track their online activities and serve highly personalized ads. However, if you want to continue on the social network, but prefer to increase your privacy, check below which Facebook settings you can change to preserve your privacy.

Opt out of personalized ads

Go to Facebook’s “Account Center”, look for the “Ad preferences” button, select “Manage information”, click on “Activity information”, press “Review settings” and choose the “No, no, make my ads relevant” option ”.

Disabling this feature prevents the platform’s algorithms from tracking all of your online activity (what you like, where and what you comment on, who you follow, etc.), saving this data and using it to promote advertisements and even other profiles for you.

Limit the view of your posts

When a Facebook profile is created, the account already has a public setup. This means that other people, who are not your friends on the social network, can view all the posts you have published. To reverse this possibility, simply access the privacy settings of your profile, click on “Check Privacy”, select “Who can see what you share” and choose a category of people who can see your posts (for example friends).

Prevent others from tagging you in a photo

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Access your privacy settings, select “Settings” and click “Profile & Tags.” In the “Review” tab, check that both options are enabled; Under “Tagging”, define who can tag you in a post.

Delete other companies linked to your profile

In addition to Facebook, other companies come into contact with your data to receive it and use it for different purposes. To avoid this, go to the “Account Center” tab, click “Your information and permissions”, press the “Your activity outside of Meta technologies” button, select “Manage future activity” and click “Log out future activities”. This feature will erase previous tasks and prevent others from being performed.

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