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Samsung launches a vacuum cleaner with a special brush to clean animal hair

A new model of Samsung vacuum cleaner will make life easier (a lot!) for pet owners. The Jet 65 Pet promises to clean hair and other debris left behind by dogs, cats and other animals. All this thanks to the Pet Tool brush, which works together with the Digital Inverter motor to leave environments cleaner.

According to the company, the Jet 65 Pet has high suction power, up to 150W of power. In addition to the pet hair brush, the model has other brush options to suit different situations.

Among these, the Long Reach crevice nozzle, which extends up to 43 centimeters to clean corners and edges. The combo tool promises to efficiently clean various types of furniture, especially upholstered areas such as sofas and armchairs.

The vacuum cleaner is now available virtually and also in major Samsung physical stores and major retailers in Brazil. The price of the Jet 65 Pet is R$ 3,299. If paying in cash, however, a 10% discount is offered, reducing the final value to R$ 2,977. The information comes from SAMSUNG.

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