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Copilot: Windows 11 AI will be embedded in Notepad; see how it will work

The fact that Microsoft wants to embed Copilot’s artificial intelligence into as many Windows applications as possible is nothing new. And now one of the operating system’s most iconic software will also gain artificial intelligence powers: Notepad.

Windows’ simplest text app has gained new features in recent years, including tabs and a dark mode. Now, in trial versions of the operating system, Notepad started winning features related to Copilot AI.

How Copilot will work in Notepad

From what we can see in the latest trial version of Windows 11, Copilot will be embedded in Notepad to help explain text that has been typed into it.

It works like this: the user highlights any sentence, right-clicks it and selects the “Explain with Copilot” option.

From there, Windows’ AI starts to interpret what’s written: Microsoft says the feature should primarily help detail log files and code segments.

For now, the new feature is limited to trial versions of Windows 11, but the expectation is that Microsoft will release the feature to all users in some future OS updates.

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