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How to prevent your email from being disclosed

Electronic addresses are more than just sources of communication: they currently help recover profile passwords and also as a form of two-factor authentication. However, they also act as bait to carry out scams and steal data from other users. This is why it is so important to maintain your privacy and use security mechanisms to protect you from hackers. Below, check out some tips on how to prevent your email from being leaked.

How and why do emails leak?

There are two main ways someone’s email address ends up on the web. In the first case, the website where you registered your email or have an account has been hacked and all customer/user data has been stolen by third parties. In the second, it is possible that you registered your email on a suspicious website, whose sole purpose was to steal data from Internet users.

However, once the data is leaked, it can be sold or simply made available on the darknet. Those who acquire them use them as a means to communicate with you to carry out, for example, phishing scams; or even to hack your email and prevent you from accessing it to extort money from you. It’s also possible that cybercriminals will use your email address to impersonate you and steal more data (yours or that of the company you work for).

How to prevent your email from being disclosed

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