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How to activate your passkey on Amazon

The continuous evolution of the Internet also brings many risks to its users. Therefore, industry giants, such as Amazon, are constantly working to offer tools that keep their users away from hackers and other online dangers.

Among these tools is the Amazon Passkey which, similar to two-step verification, offers greater security to its users. Find out how to activate Amazon Passkey in our step-by-step guide.

What is Amazon Access Key?

Amazon Passkey is a security method adopted by this technology giant to facilitate the customer login process and, at the same time, increase the security of the user’s account.

With the use of Passkeys the account no longer requires a verification code to access the Amazon account, but it is sufficient to type the PIN which is usually sent to the Amazon app on the mobile phone, via SMS or email. Furthermore, it can also be activated via Face ID or Touch ID, if your device is equipped with one of these technologies. The user’s identity is verified using an encrypted token that is synced across all your devices.

Can I activate the access key via mobile phone?

For now, Amazon only allows two-factor activation of your account using a computer. Therefore it is not yet possible to use your mobile phone to carry out this procedure.

How to activate Amazon access key?

  1. Using a browser of your choice, access the Amazon account login page and log in to your personal account on the platform;

  2. Subsequently, with the account already logged in, click on ‘All’ in the menu at the top left of your monitor and then on the avatar icon above the menu and next to your username;

  3. Your account settings center will soon open, where you will need to click on “Login and security”;

  4. Now, in the security settings menu, under the “Passkey” tab, click “configure”;

  5. Inside ‘Access key’ click again on another button, now in yellow, with the words ‘Configure’;

  6. A popup will automatically open with options linked to your phone device. Click on the name of your device and pay attention to the notifications that will appear on your mobile screen;

  7. Click the notification on your phone to complete the Amazon passkey registration and your account will be set up;

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