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How to enable developer mode on your Android phone [Samsung, Motorola e Xiaomi]

Created to help application makers perform usability testing on the Android system. Developer mode provides a set of tools that allow producers to see the quality of what they have created in practice. See the passage that prepared on how to activate developer mode on your Android device.

What is developer mode on Android?

Thinking about providing application makers with tools and configurations that help test and implement features in apps for Android devices. Developer mode is a very important option when deciding whether or not to make a tool available on the Play Store.

While Developer Mode focuses on programmers, everyday users who want to explore the Android operating system in more depth or customize their device can also use the tool.

Main functions of developer mode

Does the device model and brand affect access to developer mode?

The developer mode tool may vary depending on the smartphone model and brand. However, the most common thing is to access this tool through your device settings.

Activate developer mode on your Motorola mobile phone (from Android 9.0 to current 13).

  1. Access the settings

    First access the Settings/Settings of your Motorola.

  2. Tap About phone

    Then tap About phone/About phone.

  3. Enable developer mode

    Now tap “Build Number” five times. A notification will appear on your phone screen letting you know that “Developer Mode” is turned on.

Activating developer mode on your Samsung smartphone

  1. First, tap settings/settings.
  2. Scroll to phone and tap software information.
  3. Now scroll down to the “build number” option and tap 7 times until you see a popup on your screen telling you that you are in “developer mode”.

Accessing developer mode on Xiaomi

  1. First go to your Xiaomi’s System/system and scroll until you see the option on phone/phone.
  2. Now in About phone, tap on MIUI version and look for the build number or scroll to About phone and tap on the build number 7 times.
  3. Then go back to system/settings and scroll down to additional settings and tap on developer mode. And finally, tap where it says enabled to disable developer mode.

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