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5 Secure Email Providers That Make Hacker Invasions Difficult

Email providers are platforms that allow online users to create email addresses to receive and send messages. Two of the most famous are Google (Gmail) and Microsoft (Outlook), but they are not among the most secure. Next, check out five secure email providers that can make hacker invasions difficult.

5. ProtonMail

This is definitely one of the safest in the world and also offers a free account. The Proton platform stands out for its end-to-end asymmetric encryption: this means that whoever sends the email uses different processing and security keys than those who receive the message. This diversity increases the security of messages, in addition to the fact that the platform stores data with zero-access encryption, which means that the company itself does not know your password and cannot decode your emails.

Another good point is that you can set an expiration date for the emails you send: once the date expires, the email self-destructs from the inbox of the person who received it. You can use the online service via PC or via an application on your mobile phone. In any case, with the free plan you will be able to take advantage of a total storage space of 500 MB and up to 150 messages per day.


Mailbox provider

If you want a similar experience to Gmail and Outlook, then Mailbox is for you: it offers tools such as video calls, calendar, task planner and even calendar for contacts. Its cloud is highly encrypted and the email service has PGP encryption. The latter is useful, for example, to ensure that you communicate with another person without the need to reveal certain personal encryption keys, which could denote who you are.

The company that manages the platform uses green energy to maintain it and also guarantees confidentiality for payments made to maintain your account. The latter indicates that users must necessarily pay to use the services.


HubSpot Provider

HubSpot is recommended for those who have clients in the communications, marketing and advertising segments. This is because the provider provides an “all in one” system that includes email hosting, marketing services and content management support.

In terms of security, the provider also offers several features to ensure user protection and also has two-factor authentication. Additionally, there are features that ensure your marketing email is not sent to the spam folder, as is the case with technology using BIMI authentication standards; This feature is useful, for example, for consultants who send proposals to other journalists and companies, and need to ensure that the sent plan ends up in the main inbox. They contain free and paid plans.

2. Zoho Mail

ZohoMail provider

The Zoho Mail provider is another that can replace Gmail and Outlook, but with more security. It has asymmetric encryption and a unique digital signature that prevents email forgery, as well as software for spreadsheet production, webinar services, chat and much more. This platform is also paid.

1. Tutanota

Tutanota supplier

Tutanota ensures numerous security features such as end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, symmetric and asymmetric encryption at the same time, image blocking, phishing attack notifications, etc. The free plan is for personal use and in addition to the entire security scheme you can also get 1GB of storage and a calendar.

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