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iCloud Drive: How to see and download all files from the cloud

iCloud Drive is Apple’s cloud system that helps its users, functioning as a sort of extension of the memory of an Apple mobile phone, tablet or computer. Among the questions that may arise when using this service, one is how to view and download all iCloud files. Therefore, check out the step-by-step guide below on how to access and download files directly from iCloud.

iCloud Drive what is it?

Even though this is an already well-known service from Apple, there may be some doubts about what exactly iCloud Drive is. Very directly, it is a virtual memory that is only available when the user has their device connected to the Internet. Users can save everything from basic files like videos and photos to software, text documents, presentations, and music files.

It’s important to remember that iCloud Drive is a system aimed at Apple devices. However, if the user wishes to contract the digital service and use it on other devices, this possibility exists. However, it will not be possible to upload files, but only view what is available and download files.

Manage iCloud on iPad

  1. Click the iCloud app icon

    With your iPad screen open from the tab where you keep the iCloud icon, tap it to open the Drive app;

  2. Touch and hold the iPad screen

    Then tap and hold the file you want to manage and a drop-down menu will soon appear with some options to choose from;

  3. Tap on the Delete option

    For example, to delete, simply tap and hold the file or folder in question and select the “Delete” option and the file or folder will be automatically deleted.

  4. Confirm file deletion

    Immediately after clicking Delete, you will see the “Delete from iCloud Drive” option to confirm deletion of the file or folder;

Manage iCloud photos

  1. To share your photos with other Apple devices, simply press and hold a photo of your choice, then select multiple photos and then tap the arrow usually found in the top left corner of your device’s screen;
  2. Then tap “Shared Albums” to be able to upload photos to your iCloud account. This way all your devices will be able to access your photo and video files;

Accessing your iCloud account via Android browser

For this tutorial we used an iPad, but the procedure is the same for all devices.

  1. First open the Safari browser, native to iOS systems, type “iCloud” in the address bar and tap “Enter” on the device’s keyboard;
  2. Then tap the iCloud link that appears on the first page. And you will see the ‘start’ option which needs to be clicked in order to access the cloud system.
  3. Next you need to enter your Apple ID and then your password. It will soon enable two-factor verification on all devices with the same login you used to access your account now. And just take the code on one of the devices (iPhone, iMac, iPad, MacBook) and enter it in the appropriate field on your smartphone’s browser and tap enter to continue accessing;
  4. Now you need to tap ‘Trust’ to be able to authorize access to your iCloud account and then you will be able to access your files saved in the Apple cloud;
  5. Soon the menu of all the iCloud services you have will open, from notes to your photos, calendar, presentations, spreadsheets and so on;

Sign in to iCloud on your Macbook or iMac

  1. First tap the Finder, to open the internal part of your Apple computer where your files are usually located;
  2. Then, with the selection panel active, tap “iCloud” to access your iCloud Drive;
  3. You will now be able to move files both from the cloud to your computer’s storage, and from your computer to the cloud. Furthermore, you can create new folders, move and delete files of all types.

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