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Bard now finds answers in Gmail, Docs, and Drive

Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, has reached a new milestone: the end of the limitation of getting answers only using data available on the web. Now the tool can also use information from Gmail, Docs, and even Drive to deliver what the user is looking for.

What changes in Bard

There is a wide variety of use cases. Perhaps the biggest benefit is not having to dig through multiple emails and documents to find specific information. For now the resources are only available in English and will be distributed via extensions.

More news

Since introducing Bard in February, Google has added more features, including the ability to generate programming code and support for Google Lens, letting you use the tool to find more information about a photo, and more.

And privacy?

Providing access to emails and documents can raise concerns about data usage. According to Google, no personal information will be used to train Bard or seen by reviewers (the team of people who review and edit the chatbot’s incorrect responses).

Bard’s integration with Gmail, Docs, and Drive can also be disabled at any time, the company adds.

The extensions will also let you connect Bard to services like Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights. This means Bard will be able to get real-time flight information, view videos on a certain topic, and more.

Finally, Google informs that it plans to expand integrations to more “products and partners”.

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