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Very accurate prehistoric engravings in Namibia

Engravings found in Doro Mountains!  Navas in Namibia.

Many engravings made by African hunter-gatherers between 5000 and 1000 BC have been found in the Doro Mountains! Navas, Namibia, where the silhouettes of people and animals are particularly visible. A large space is also reserved for displaying footprints and animal tracks. In a study published on September 13 PLoS OneThree German archaeologists enlisted the services of indigenous researchers to try to identify the species whose footprints had been drawn. These experts were able to determine the species, sex, age range, and even the exact foot of the animal or human in more than 90% of the 513 engravings they analyzed. They distinguished about forty different species, the most common of which are giraffes, antelopes (kudu and springbok), rhinoceroses and ostriches. According to these results, certain prints refer to species that are not represented in animal silhouette engravings.

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Source: Le Monde



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