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Digital Withdrawal: what is it and how is it done?

Digital Withdrawal is a feature created more than three years ago and allows you to withdraw money from ATMs open 24 hours a day without having to insert a card. Furthermore, it also allows you to pay someone in cash, if that person does not have a bank account or even a PIX. Below, you will find more information on the method and how to put it into practice.

What is Digital Withdrawal and who can make it?

Digital Cash is an alternative to withdrawing money or paying someone without using a credit card or PIX. To carry out this, the payer must have a bank account with an institution that allows this operation.

To check if your bank is part of the list of institutions that offer the resource, simply open the application on your mobile phone and look for the “Digital Withdrawal” option, click on it and follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the platform.

How to make Blood Digital?

Necessary time: 5 minutes.

The bank used in this tutorial was BMG, but there are other institutions that offer the resource.

  1. Log in to the banking application

    Search for your bank’s app and select it. Next, on the home page, access the “Withdraw money” button and choose the “Caixa 24 hours a day” option;

  2. Make the withdrawal

    Enter the desired withdrawal amount, confirm the amount with the “Continue with password” button, enter the password and choose the desired withdrawal method. If you are the one collecting the money, choose the “QR Code” option and examine the code at the checkout with your mobile phone camera.2 - how to make a digital withdrawal

If another person needs to withdraw money, tell them to go to a 24-hour ATM, click on the “Digital Withdrawal” option, and then select the “Token” button. You will then need to provide your CPF and token number so that the other person can enter them at the checkout and withdraw the money, which will automatically be debited from your bank account.

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