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How to change your Netflix plan

How to change your Netflix plan

If you are looking for a lower monthly fee or want to increase the resources of your current subscription, know that you can change your Netflix plan in just a few steps on your mobile or computer. Find out how here!

Ah, if you need help choosing your new subscription, first read this article where we show you all the plans available for streaming and what each one offers.

One caveat to note: Switching to a more expensive plan takes effect immediately, but switching to a cheaper plan only takes effect on the next billing date. So, plan accordingly!

Netflix: plan change on mobile

Necessary time: 3 minutes.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your plan through the app. But there is a way to change it via mobile browser.

  1. Open your mobile browser and go to this connection.

  2. Enter your login details and tap “Login”.

  3. Scroll down and choose your new plan. Then tap “Continue”.

    Netflix Plan - Step 2

  4. Finally, confirm the data, see when your new plan takes effect and click on “Confirm change”.

    Netflix Plan - Step 3

Netflix: Switch plans from your computer

How to change Netflix plan on computer

The process to be performed on the computer is very similar to the mobile phone and can be performed in any browser. See how to do it:

  1. Login to place from Netflix and log in to your account;
  2. On the user selection screen, select the main account;
  3. Hover over your avatar icon and click “Account”;
  4. In the “Plan details” field, click on “Change plan”;
  5. In the next window you will see the plan you are currently subscribed to and the other available plans highlighted;
  6. Tap on the new plan and select “Continue”;
  7. Finally, click “Confirm Change”.

Common questions

How much does a Netflix 2023 subscription cost?

Currently, Netflix offers four plan options, which cost from R$18.90 to R$55.90. See this article for details on pricing and available plans.

I can’t change my Netflix plan. How to fix?

If you are a subscriber to the plan and the options to change it do not appear in your browser, contact us on 0800 591 8942 or access the chat Here. If your account has been suspended, you must resolve it early in order to change your plan.

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