Home Technology Still! STF may suspend (and fine) Telegram soon

Still! STF may suspend (and fine) Telegram soon

Still!  STF may suspend (and fine) Telegram soon

Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF (Supreme Federal Court), established, this Friday (26), that Telegram informs the Court that it is its official representative in Brazil within 24 hours. The period starts from the sending of the summons via the e-mail provided by the company.

What you need to know:

If the company does not comply with the order, the minister has determined the suspension of the platform’s service for 48 hours, in addition to a daily fine of R$ 500,000.

understand the case

On Thursday (25), Telegram reported that it had appointed new lawyers to represent the company in lawsuits and investigations before the STF in Brazil.

The company has asked the Supreme Court to enable the lawyers Marcel Leonardi, Fernanda Simplicio Maia, Guilherme Viana and Guilherme Nunes Lima, “so that they can monitor the progress of the case and adopt the appropriate measures” in the processes in which it is a party, has filed appeals or was required to comply with court orders.

However, Telegram did not petition the new lawyers in the inquiry investigating the company’s conduct in the campaign against Fake News PL. And it was in this investigation that Moraes summoned the company to inform his representatives.

Determination of the STF

Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the STF intervenes

The decision was given in the investigation opened at the request of the PGR (Prosecutor’s Office) to investigate the company’s conduct in what it called an “abusive campaign against” Fake News PL. The survey also examines Google’s performance.

In the provision with which he decided to open the investigation, Minister Alexandre de Moraes ordered the Federal Police to collect the testimonies “of all the directors and other executives of Google Brasil and Telegram Brasil”.

Also according to the minister, the federal police collected the testimony of Alan Campos Elias Thomaz, who until then was the company’s legal representative in Brazil.

However, Thomaz has informed that both he and Campos Thomaz and Meirelles Advogados (including all of his partners and lawyers) have not provided legal advice to Telegram in Brazil since May 14, 2023.

telegram in polls

Person with iPhone, opening Telegram for the first time

At the STF, the company participates in investigations into fake news, anti-democratic acts and an investigation into January 8th. The company’s participation does not mean that it is being investigated in the cases.

In the investigation into the acts that culminated in the looting of the buildings in TrĂªs Poderes, for example, Big Tech was fined 1.2 million reais for not complying with the order of Minister Alexandre de Moraes to block the account of deputy Nikolas Ferreira ( PL-MG).

Subsequently, the magistrate ordered the release of the account. And the amount was deposited by the company into a court account.

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