It would be difficult to ban TikTok from the US without a new law, experts say

US President Joe Biden’s administration is under pressure to ban TikTok there. But any such move is likely dependent on the passage of a new law that strengthens the government’s authority to regulate speech. Experts interviewed by Reuters say so.

Meanwhile, pressure mounts from lawmakers and national security hawks to ban Chinese firm ByteDance’s app from the country. Fueling that pressure are fears that the app could censor content, influence users, and pass personal data about Americans to China. Allegations that TikTok denies, of course.

What would it take to ban TikTok

US courts have blocked an earlier offer by former President Donald Trump’s administration to partially ban the app, saying that move violated free speech protections.

This means that any move to block the app must be conditional on legislation being passed. For example, the “Restrict Act”, a bipartisan bill introduced by senators in March. It would give the Commerce Department new power to ban foreign technology to protect national security. This would bypass speech protections built into existing law, Chinese lawyers and observers told the news outlet.

The “Restrict Act” is useful because it gives this legal authority completely new, from the ground up, without complications from other laws. It is a much stronger and cleaner legal authority.

Emily Kilcrease, Senior Fellow at the Center for New American Security and former Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative

Other side

TikTok criticized the “Restrict Act”. According to the company, the Biden administration does not need additional authority from Congress to address national security concerns related to the social network. Also according to the ByteDance app, the leadership could approve the deal negotiated with the same government over the course of two years and which has been under consideration for the past six months.

Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok, will testify this Thursday (23) before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Sometimes, he faces tough questions from lawmakers who want to ban the app.

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