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Qatar has revealed what the requirements for COVID-19 tests will be for the World Cup

With the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Middle Eastern country has confirmed the demands it will have on tourists who are part of the World Cup event. A wave of Argentine fans is expected.

Fans attend Qatar World Cup 2022 Must present a negative Covid-19 test regardless of vaccination statusaccording to the organizers.

All visitors over the age of six must present orn A negative result of a PCR test performed within 48 hours before your departure or from a rapid antigen test performed within 24 hours of arrival, the High Committee on Delivery and Inheritance said.

The results of rapid antigen tests are accepted only if they come from official medical centers and not self-management. In addition, no additional testing will be required in Qatar unless visitors develop symptoms of Covid-19 and they will also not be required to quarantine on arrival.

in turn Those over 18 must also download a government-run contact phone app called Ehteraz.

“A green Ehteraz status (which shows that the customer has no confirmed case of COVID-19) is required to enter any indoor public space,” the statement said.

Qatar has revealed its requirements for COVID-19 tests for the World Cup.  / Kindness
Qatar has revealed its requirements for COVID-19 tests for the World Cup. / Kindness

Fans will have to wear masks on public transport, but vaccination is not mandatory for the unprecedented influx of 1.2 million visitors expected at the tournament, which runs from November 20 to December 18.

“Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 while in Qatar will be required to self-isolate in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health.”They noted.

According to Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health, they have registered more than 440,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 692 deaths from the virus.

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