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With the new technical duo, Godoy Cruz is already thinking about Veles, what will be the main game of his permanence.

The match will take place next Sunday at 14:00 at the Malvina Stadium in Argentina. The duel will feature the official debut of Favio Orsi and Sergio Gomez as Expreso coaches.

Next week a technical duet Godoy CruzMade Favio Orsi-Sergio GomezMakes his debut against Veles For the 10th date Professional League Cup 2022. Tomba needs three points against Fortin because each game is key Stay on the highest flight.

After meeting the players on Monday of this week, The DTs held a press conference owned by Coquimbito. “Today was the first meeting with the team and We noticed it with great inclination“So that we can quickly absorb what we want from the teams,” Orsi assured. “We are very much Excited So that the team can present what we want from the development of the team within the framework of the football game, ”he added.

Tomb’s technical duo wallpaper

Orsi-Gomez Duet Director 21 game In Cabalito, where they harvested 60% of the points. And reached the first national semifinal, where they were eliminated Quillmes Controversial penalty in favor of Brewer. Its to go Ferro Caused discomfort among the fans as they left a Excellent picture and they wanted to continue them.

While other names appeared in the folder, the location of the tomba Medium table The conspirators want several coaches who do not have a team.

Tomba needs three points against Fortin as each match is key to staying in the top.
Tomba needs three points against Fortin as each match is key to staying in the top.

How do both teams fare on Sunday?

In this game, the two teams that drew in the last match will face each other. Godoy Cruz In the last match he took only one point ArsenalAfter the coincidence 3-3After winning the whole match by three goals. In the previous four rounds they have won 1, drawn 2 and lost 1. This difficult scenario led to a demand for resignation Diego flowers By the winery management.

On the other hand, Veles Added one to one on the previous date, after the 0-0 match with Boca Juniors. In the last games he has played, he has had 1 win, 1 loss and 2 draws, detailing TyC Sports.

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Date: Sunday, April 17th.

Stadium: Malvina Argentina Stadium.

Time: 14

Referee: Ariel Penel.

Source: Losandes



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