Lose weight 24 kilos in 4 months? That’s how Tom Hanks did it when recording ‘Cast Away

Some actors have exposed their bodies to very drastic physical changes, ranging from rock climbing ballast or descend to interpret in the most original way the role assigned to them, one of them was the one who gave life to Forest. It was like that Tom Hanks lost up to 24 pounds in 4 months to record the movie of Castaway.

It should be noted that the director, Robert Zemeckis was able to plan the shooting of the said film in two stages over a period of 16 months, this served skeins so i could lose them kilo and thus enter more into its role.

To M He played Chuck Noland, a FedEx multinational courier executive who is stranded on a remote island in a plane crash. The protagonist had to lose 24 kilos to be able to pretend he was like a 4-year-old castaway.

What was Tom Hanks diet and training for the movie Castaway?

The actor revealed he started the diet in October and while filming on the island was going on, which wrapped up in February, he was actually under constant surveillance. skeins He said gaining weight was very simple, but losing weight was expensive for him and pointed out that so far it had been one of the worst experiences he had in his entire career.

The people watching that he would take food literally were his children and his wife, and every time he tried to eat even a chocolate chip cookie, one of them stopped. This is what the actor was able to tell during a press conference when the tape had already been released.

The diet that followed To M It was mostly fish, vegetables, crab and very little carbs, coconut milk and water. When the interpreter of Chuck Noland was hungry, he ate large quantities of vegetables to satisfy himself.

Moving on to the subject of exercise, the workout was very simple, he focused on two hours of cardio for six days a week, always under the supervision of his private doctor.


Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

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