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Paris 2024: Europeans and Americans more enthusiastic about Games than French

Just six months before the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP). “We cannot say that there is general enthusiasm”, noted a few days ago, one of the actors preparing for the event. This observation is confirmed by a survey conducted by Toluna Harris Interactive from January 15 to 20. Interest in JOPs “International Progress and Stagnation in France”According to a study conducted in eight countries (France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States, South Korea, Japan).

This barometer, in its fourth wave from April 2023, shows that if a small majority of French (59%) say “I’m going to follow” In this Olympic edition, the proportion remains unchanged compared to October 2023. It has slightly decreased compared to April 2023 (61%).

On the contrary, expressed interest in the Games is increasing in four European countries: 72% of respondents say they want to follow the Games, an increase of 5 points compared to October 2023 and a return to the level of April 2023 (71%). ). Interest among Americans is also increasing: 71%, compared to 61% in October 2023 and April 2023.

After lows in July and October 2023, “Intent to watch Paralympic Games gets stronger”In France, the four European countries or the United States, research is also emphasized. 53% of Americans and 52% of Europeans surveyed say they will follow the event. The proportion in France is 47%

“The French are critical of ticket prices, safety and transport performance”, also notes in the survey. Thus, 61% of respondents believe that the Paris 2024 Games are financially less affordable than previous editions, compared to 8% who consider them more affordable. For 36% of respondents, transport should be less efficient and faster than during the previous Games (14% think it will be more efficient and faster) and 34% think it will be less safe (8% think it will be more certain).

The survey was conducted among more than 4,500 people. The data is adjusted by age, gender and region to ensure a good representation of the population in each country. The data collected in France are also adjusted according to the profession held by the respondents. All countries were considered with equal weight for grouping

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