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The case of Luis Rubiales: Several attacking Spanish players have appeared at their selection meeting

At least six Spanish internationals, including five who have been on strike since the Rubiales affair, finally turned up for their first selection meeting in Madrid on Tuesday, September 19, after reaffirming their unwillingness. Play again with La Roja, according to AFP journalist (Agence France-Presse).

The new coach, Monse Tome, made a surprise appearance on Monday by announcing a list that includes fifteen world champions and other players who were not selected, pending changes in the Spanish federation. But hours after the list was announced, most of these players have reasserted themselves “willingness not to call”.

“We believe that it is relevant to find out that the summons was not carried out in a timely and proper manners (…). And that’s why we understand that RFEF [Fédération espagnole de football] cannot claim our presence” The players insist, pointing to FIFA’s clause, which stipulates that the federation must give at least fifteen days’ notice. “Once again, we are sorry that our federation has put us in a position we never wanted to be in.”they conclude.

Spanish international players who do not show up for selection will be sanctioned, the president of the Supreme Sports Council (CSD) Victor Francos answered Monday to Tuesday night.

An international scandal

“If the players don’t come out, the government should enforce the law.” “I’m sorry to say this, but we have to do what we have to do.” warned Victor Francos on the radio Cadena SER, and the CSD is authorized to take this type of measures.

The players are on strike after former Spanish football boss Luis Rubiales forcibly kissed player Jenny Hermoso La Roja after the World Cup win. Mr Rubiales has since been forced to resign following an international scandal and a player complaint.

As for Jenny Hermoso, Montse Tome said he spoke to her, without disclosing the content of their discussion, until he was convinced that she was not selected, he said. “The best way to protect it”.

“What or who should I protect myself from?” »Jenny Hermoso responded, stressing that the same people who seek confidence in the Federation “Publish the list of players who did not request a call-up today”. “ It is very clear to the players that this is another divisive and manipulative strategy to intimidate us and threaten us with legal consequences and economic sanctions. (…),” he said The press release was published (formerly Twitter).

“Paris 2024”
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Spain will face Sweden on September 22 and Switzerland on September 26 in the Nations League, a qualifying tournament for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde



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