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Paris 2024: Michel Cadeau reappointed head of National Sports Agency

He said that he wanted to resign from the chairmanship of the National Sports Agency (NSA). But at the request of the Minister of Sports and the 2024 Paris Games, Amélie Oudea-Castera, Michel Cadeau finally agreed to be re-appointed for a new mandate during the ANS Board of Directors on Monday 18 September.

Created in April 2019 and financed by the state (a budget of more than 460 million euros in 2023), the National Sports Agency (ANS) is responsible for the development of sports practice and high-level strategy. In the ten months before the Games, its role, sometimes criticized, is central: it is the agency that allocates high-quality budgets to sports federations.

At the age of 69, Michel Cadeau, who is also the inter-ministerial delegate for the Olympic and Paralympic Games – he received as such an age limit to be able to work until the end of 2024 – and major sports events will therefore be responsible for ensuring the sporting success of the Paris 2024 Games.

“After taking time to think about it, my decision was clear and obvious. It quickly became clear to me that Michel Cadeau was the best person for these crucial times before us.Confirmed by Amelie Oudéa-Castéra before the ANS administrators.

Mr. Cado will also be responsible for guaranteeing the stability of the French sports landscape, which has been affected by scandals and institutional crises in recent months (football, rugby, the National Olympic Committee, etc.). “He [Michel] He has been able to support the strengthening of the agency’s foundations and I believe that with his experience and dedication, he will be best able to further consolidate the agency’s anchoring in the sports ecosystem.– added the Minister of Sports.

Detailed knowledge of the Olympic project

Ten months before the Paris 2024 Games, it seemed strange to change the head of the ANS, adding uncertainty to the instability of French sport. Because Michel Cadeau is unanimously recognized for his skills and in-depth knowledge of the Paris 2024 project and political secrets.

A former prefect of the Île-de-France region and former Paris police prefect, he replaced Jean Castex as inter-ministerial delegate to the Games when the latter joined Matignon in July 2020. In a detailed report, he analyzed the causes of the fiasco at the Stade de France during the Champions League final in May 2022.

“Thanks to his knowledge of the state and how it works, and his long involvement in the preparation and success of the Games, Michel Cadeau is best placed to implement a road map that will enable[avoir] athletes at their best to shape the legacy of the Games and the sporting nation of tomorrow; and deepen the impact of sports on social issues”He welcomed MI Oudea-Castera.

Source: Le Monde



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