Home Sports Brigitte Henriques resigns from CNOSF: French sport is sick of its governance

Brigitte Henriques resigns from CNOSF: French sport is sick of its governance

Brigitte Henriques resigns from CNOSF: French sport is sick of its governance

StWhen all eyes are on you, you better look your best. For many months, this evidence could no longer pass through the doors of the Maison du sport français, which houses the headquarters of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) in Paris. On Thursday, May 25, there was a bitter response to its president, Brigitte Henriques, who resigned as the only solution to end the fierce battle that has undermined the tricolor sports movement.

With just 400 days to go until the opening of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, it has become even more imperative, a matter of image sent around the world. On Thursday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which is generally careful not to interfere in the affairs of national committees, asked the CNOSF. “focusing” On the next term, by calling “Everyone’s responsibility to prevent internal conflicts.” (…) termination”.

The case that forced MI Henriques initially became the subject of a complex web of accusations – mixed social welfare abuse, psychological abuse, defamation, abusive expenses or expense accounts – between the CNOSF president, his predecessor, Denis Masseglia, and his former secretary general, Didier Seminy. The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened two preliminary investigations.

In addition to the causes of the conflict, which is shaking the CNOSF, the question of the governance of the sport in France has once again been raised. MI Henriques is the third leader of the tricolor government to look to leave in 2023, following the resignations of Bernard Laporte of the French Rugby Federation on January 27 and Noel Le Grae of the French Football Federation on February 28. are we done I am not convinced. Other federations – especially tennis – are concerned.

The Minister of Sport and Olympic and Paralympic Games, Amelie Oudea-Castera, has been proactive in addressing these recurring crises. He called on Thursday “Ethical and Democratic Leap from CNOSF”. But the departure of those who miserably failed to fulfill their mission and forgot that the ethical rules that apply to the rest of society also apply to sports federations is only the first step.

Exemplary values

France must now equip itself with mechanisms to improve the functioning of sports bodies in the long term. The law of March 2, 2022, which aims to democratize it, includes a section on updating the governing framework of federations, which has yet to have a visible effect.

On the initiative of M.I Oudéa-Castéra, the National Committee for the Promotion of Ethics and Democratic Life in Sport was created on March 29. It brings together well-known personalities, including former Minister of Sports Marie-Georges Buffett and former athlete Stefan Diagana. Let’s hope that the ideas that emerge will allow the French sports movement to finally return to the exemplary values ​​that sport itself should convey.

The issue is crucial for practitioners and volunteers of small clubs, for all fans of sports performance in a broad sense, as well as for high-level athletes. A fresh start is essential on the eve of the big meeting at the Paris Olympics.

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Source: Le Monde


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