Home Sports Astrid Gyart, interim, who should bring some calm to the National Olympic Committee

Astrid Gyart, interim, who should bring some calm to the National Olympic Committee

Astrid Gyart, interim, who should bring some calm to the National Olympic Committee

When she started her day on Thursday, May 25, Astrid Giart had no idea that she would have to temporarily wear the costume of patron of the French National Olympic Committee for Sports (CNOSF). But the sudden resignation of Brigitte Henriques, announced at the opening of the body’s general meeting, pushed him to the front of the stage. The current CNOSF Secretary General is tasked with interim duties until the next President is elected. “for three months” which follows June 29, the effective date of MI Henriques.

If in his eyes, the former vice-president of the French Football Federation “He made a brave gesture to keep the institution safe”His departure is no less “Sudden Thunder”.

The former fencing champion knows this well: fourteen months before the Paris Olympics (July 26 to August 11, 2024), his first mission is to bring some peace to an institution that has been shaken for more than a year and a half now. with many turbulences.

“We should have lived the 400 best days of our lives and we failed to settle the scores”, she worries. Before the general mobilization vote: “We are going to rely on collective intelligence, common interests, to unite, to build again the French sports project that will unite us so that we can organize a big party in the summer of 2024.

Let justice take its course

This role of peacemaker is not completely alien to Karantini. On October 12, 2022, the 45 members of the CNOSF Board of Directors, with 73% of the votes, appointed him as Secretary General to replace Didier Seminet, who had left a month earlier. “deep disagreement” with Bridget Henriques.

At the time, already at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the silver medalist with the women’s foil team explained that she wanted “getting out of the dead end” And bring peace to the home of French sport “Responding to the Challenges of Paris 2024”.

The former marksman was also part of a quartet of leaders – along with Jean-Pierre Ciutat, Michel Callos and S├ębastien Poirier – formed to support the man who was still head of the CNOSF within weeks of his withdrawal in autumn 2022. for that “rest” After a disastrous episode with the former right arm. Brigitte Henrique and Didier Seminy have since filed complaints against each other, prompting the opening of two investigations by the Paris prosecutor’s office in late March and the trial being handed over to the police.

Source: Le Monde


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