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Anne Hidalgo was offensive against Rachida Dutt, but was criticized by the majority

The November session of the Paris Council, on Thursday, November 17, was almost content, as usual, with a sharp but firmly binary opposition between the Paris Right and Left. The draconian increase in property taxes decided by Ana Hidalgo, or more lightly, for example, the allocation of a subsidy by the Paris City Hall to an association that intends to build hedgehog shelters in the forest. Vincennes, who boiled down Les Républicains (LR).

But this was without regard to the charge brought by the mayor of Paris (Socialist Party, PS), who insisted on opening the meeting with a declaration. “Celebratory”. With the key to questioning his main competitor. “For months and again this morning, in the paper releaseWe have articles covering outside activities for which Rachida Dati is accused of passive corruption and cover-up of abuse of power. The presumption of innocence, of course, is troubling. I solemnly say: we have the right to know. Rachida Dat should inform us about these activities. » Reference to the article releasePublished on November 16th, which leads to alleged connections between Mayor LR of 7e District and PSJ A “Private Intelligence Unit at the Club”. and that MI Dati has been indicted since July 2021 as part of an investigation into the consulting services of Carlos Ghosn, the former CEO of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

The person concerned was not in Hemicycle at that time. But Frances Spinner, mayor of LR 16e district, responded. “The press is not justice. And it is better to tell him face to face. Ann Hidalgo knew Rachida Dutt was in her office. I don’t think it’s great in terms of content and form.”He was worried and accused MI Hidalgo to continue “A subversive maneuver regarding the appointment of his new assistant”.

“32 assistants is too many”

A few minutes later, two nominations were actually given on the ballot. If Jacques Martial, the new overseas assistant, did not present difficulties, Lamia El Aaraje as the disabled assistant caused trouble even for the majority. Promotion of some municipal members of PS mI El Araje, former Socialist MP of XXe A district whose vote has been declared invalid is not considered a great sign of unity. In the last legislative elections, he faced Daniel Simone (La France insoumise), who was invested by the new Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). The new deputy also intends, along with Anne Hidalgo, to file a list against Olivier Fauré, the current first secretary, at the next PS congress. Lamia El Aaraje was also included, a day before the appointment, in the article Parisian, by a former employee of the National Assembly, who accuses him of moral harassment. ButI Hidalgo did not consider withdrawing his protégé’s candidacy.

Source: Le Monde



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