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Results of the 2022 Legislative Elections: Increased turnout in the second round in Antilles and Guyana, majority failure.

Voters in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Saint-Barthelemy, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre-e-Micheline, Polynesia and France voted for the second round of legislative elections on Saturday, June 18, one day ahead. Because of the time difference.

Fifteen parliamentary seats abroad were at stake: four in Guadeloupe, four in Martinique, two in Guyana, one constituency for Saint-Barthelemy and Saint-Martin, one for Saint-Pierre-e-Micheline, and three. Polynesia.

In Guadeloupe, the fall of Justin Benin

In Guadeloupe, the Secretary of State in charge of maritime affairs, Justin Benin, was beaten by a left-wing candidate, Christian Baptist. He was first in the first round with 31.31% of the vote in the second roundE Election district. That was not enough. He received only 41.35% of the vote against 58.65% of the opponent and will therefore have to resign from the government.

In 1D Constituency, Former MP Olivier Serva (various left) re-elected. He was well ahead, with 43.44% of the vote, ahead of the other left-wing candidate, Dominic Biras, who won 15.02% of the vote in the first round.

In 3E The district’s national rally candidate, Roddy Tolas, made a surprise appearance in this first round with 20.09% of the vote. But he did not pass the second round course against the last MP, Max Matthiasin (dissident MoDem).

In 4E Electoral district, Socialist candidate and mayor of Saint-Claude Commune, Eli Califer, received 38.61% of the vote. He is ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy’s former foreign minister, Marie-Luc Penschard (Guadeloupe united, responsible and united-together!), Who received 19.88% of the vote. The latter withdrew his candidacy and therefore Mr. Califer was re-elected.

The participation rate in Guadeloupe is 28.23% compared to 2017 (30.65%), the prefecture said.

Misses the return of Alfred Marie-Jeanne to Martinique

The only outgoing MP to re-vote, Jean-Philippe Nilor (Democratic and Republican Left), was put to the vote in the 4th round.E Electoral district of Alfred Marie-Jean, 85, former president of the local government, his former mentor. He won the duel with 76.39% against 23.61%.

In 1D In the constituency, the candidate without a label, Giovanni William (63.30%), won with regionalist Philip Edmond-Mariet. In 2E, Two regionalist candidates confronted each other. It’s Marceline Nado with 71.29% of the vote against Justin Pamfil.

And finally, in 3E In the constituency, a variety of left-wing candidates Johnny Hajar (58.74%) were elected against Francis Carroll.

At 17:00 the activity was estimated at 20.10%, according to the prefecture compared to 2017 (22.27%), but compared to the first round (15.10%).

Outgoing LRM MP Lenaik Adam was beaten in Guyana

Last La République en Marche (LRM) MP Lenaike Adam (45.88%) was defeated by candidate Dave Riemann (54.12%), who was supported by La France insoumise (LFI).E Election district. “We are considering our defeat”Said Mr. Adam France-Guyana. Participation (33.58%) is higher than in the first round (26.08%).

In 1D The constituency of Jean-Victor Castor (56.53%), a member of the Independent Movement Decolonization and Social Emancipation (MDES), backed by the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA), declared victory over Ivan Gua (43.47%), the spokesperson. Two associations committed against insecurity and structural disruptions in the area, the leader of the anti-vaccine and containment movement at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Participation is also high compared to the first round (29.92%) (27.27%).

LRM candidate suddenly elected in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthelemy

Presidential candidate Franz Gumbs won 47.09% of the vote in the first round. He unexpectedly defeated the right-wing candidate, Daniel Gibbs, in second place. Outgoing MP Les Républicains, Claire Gion-Firmin, was eliminated in the first round.

In Saint-Pierre-e-Michelon, victory by 19 votes from various right-wing candidates

Although La République en Marche MP Stephen Claire did not represent himself, the second round tomorrow saw Jean-Luc’s various right-wing candidates in the local archipelago movement, Olivier Gaston, close to La France Insoumise. Melenchon. The first received 50.36% of the vote. The turnout reached 55.95%, better than in the first round (53.45%), but almost twenty points lower than in 2017.

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