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Pensions: The CFDT tightens its doctrine

On the issue of pensions, Laurent Berger was already very firm: there was no talk of raising the legal age to 65, as promised by Emmanuel Macron. But CFDT activists, who gathered at the Lyon Congress from Monday 13 June to Friday 17 June, asked their secretary-general to strengthen his word, even if it meant shaking it slightly. This episode once again shows how sensitive the subject is, including within the Central Cedist, which still supported reforms – especially in 2003 – synonymous with the increased effort to retire. The fact that France’s leading trade union is still raising its voice is not good news for the government if it wants to implement the wish of the President of the Republic. “Work longer” Population.

The debate within the CFDT focused on the proposal given in the draft “General Resolution” – A document that is rewritten and, after approval by delegates, serves as the organization’s road map. A few offensive words prove once again that CFDT allows to increase the contribution period in response to an increase in life expectancy. In “House” Cedtoist, he has been a constant line for years. He also forced the Confederacy to pass the January 2014 Turin Act, which gradually increased it to the 172 quarters required to receive a full pension.

But the wording used in the resolution was unclear by the Interco de la Somme union. He “Unfair reform may intensify”It is estimated that on Thursday, its Secretary General, Arno Espel, whose intervention deservedly endorsed by the aid, gathered in the huge amphitheater of the international city of Lyon. “It depends on us and, first of all, is it the right time to return to the parameters? »He asked, expressing fear of the other components of the plant.

Frederick Seve, the national secretary in charge of the case, sought to dispel fears, explaining that the resolution, in its original version, was merely a repetition of a doctrine.“We (…) Hammers for a long time ». “We do not need to change it to oppose government projects, on the contrary., He added. The day before, Mr. Berger was even more direct: ” We do not have (…) Intention to extend the contribution period provided by Turin law. » And room apostrophe: “My friends, no unnecessary warnings, no bad debates between us, no unfounded fears. »

Source: Le Monde



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