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Legislative 2022: The French abroad and abroad called on Saturday to vote first

The French from abroad and from abroad will open the ball of the second round of the legislative elections on Saturday 18 June.

It will be 8 o’clock in the morning, Paris time. Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Which will be the first overseas territory to vote. Polling stations will open in an hour GuyanaThen an hour later (2 hours in Paris) those Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin And St. Bartholomew. It is at this time that some French citizens living abroad, in particular them, will be able to start voting.North AmericaAnd thoseSouth America.

Voters in the Pacific received the ballot on Sunday, but given the time difference, they will begin voting on Saturday evening at Metropolitan Time. Thus, on Saturday evening, at 22:00 in Paris, polling stations will open Polynesia And that Wallis and Futuna. And an hour later, Jerry will stand up New CaledoniaWhere Sunday will be 8 p.m.

In the Indian Ocean, where the time difference is less, voters will get a good vote on Sunday. Polling stations will open in Paris at 6 p.m. MeetingFollowed at 7 p.m. Mayotte.

Absolute or relative majority?

The rest of the French electorate will vote on Sunday. Voting determines the balance of power in the National Assembly between the Presidential Coalition! And the Left Nup Alliance. The question is whether the majority of the target will be the absolute majority (at least 289 deputies) or the relative one, which determines the ability of Emmanuel Macron to carry out reforms.

The vote will also say whether the National Rally (RN), which ran in the second round of the presidential election with Marine Le Pen, will get a group, or at least 15 MPs, which will give more opportunities and talk time. Voters will also be asked whether they can weigh in on the Les R├ępublicains (LR) assembly that lost the presidential election.

The future of several ministers in this election is also at stake. Because in case of failure in the legislative elections, the ministerial candidate will have to leave the government, as the executive reminded us before the voting.

If Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne is not threatened in Calvados, environmental transition minister Amelie de Montchalin is in great danger in Essonne, as is En Marche’s boss and public service minister Stanislas Guerin, or again Clement’s delegate to Europe. Bonnie, both in Paris.

Be that as it may, changes are expected after the elections, even if only for the positions of Secretaries of State that have not yet been filled.

The weight of self-restraint and the transfer of votes

President Emmanuel Macron, who has returned from Ukraine, asked “Really European France”After accusing its opponents of wanting to leave the European Union (EU) and demanded “Hard majority”. Elizabeth Bourne, for her part, criticized the Nupes project “Very negative results” On the economy, as well “lie” By Jean-Luc Melenchon.

The leader of Nupes also demanded the result “Clean” Otherwise “There will be unrest”. Marine Le Pen, for his part, called on his constituents to vote for Emmanuel Macron “President of the Minority”When reprimanded “The extreme left, which is the most sectarian, the most violent”

Restraint and vote transfer will be crucial. Less than one in two voters made it to the first round, and the trend could be confirmed this weekend.

Author: With World AFP

Source: Le Monde



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