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From the Republican Front “Case to Case”: How Emmanuel Macron Developed Against the Extreme Right

Initially there is a “Trauma”, He admits. On April 21, 2002, when the National Front (FN) candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen managed to advance in the second round of the presidential election against Jacques Chirac and, to everyone’s surprise, overthrew the first Socialist minister. Time, Lionel Jospin. In October 2016, Emmanuel Macron explained that it was this event that forced him to enter politics. “We are always building on our political commitment to anger. My April 21, 2002. “My commitment comes from there, from this outrage.”Explain then Magazine Figaro Who has just left the Ministry of Economy to prepare for his first candidacy in the Elysee.

An ambitious person makes it his task to correct “Inefficiency” Public action so that the ultra-right does not one day take the reins of the country. “If we do not unite, next May, or in five years, or in ten years, the national front will be in power. “Nobody can doubt that anymore.”He develops next month in his program book, Revolution (XO Editions).

Unlike other politicians he compares “Sleepers” closing eye “Climb” Goes on to the extreme right and worse that “Cynics” Betting “That the National Front will allow them to gain power more easily”He presents himself as a fierce opponent of the Lepenist party and gives himself a priority goal. “Fight.” “That’s why I wanted to create a new political force called ‘En Marche’! », He explains. On November 5, 2016, he was impressed when he said he could not “Accept” To show FN reached the second round “In every presidential election”.

Semantic shift

“My opponent is finances”Said François Hollande? That’s why he, the president, will be on the far right. As a reason for existence. Fight against this party which “Hates the republic” Presence “Duty” interrogation “Values”According to the future president. And a compass for its young formation. This political will finds a concrete translation: Once upon a time in the Elysee, in 2017, Emmanuel Macron staged a device against the formation of Marine Le Pen, which became the National Rally (RN). In January 2019, four months before the European elections, La République en Marche (LRM) General Delegate Stanislas Guerini announced the creation of an internal unit responsible for the creation. “Fighting Strategy” Against RN. Along the way he calls his troops to the leadership “Offensive Campaign” Against “Part of a lie”, Which he heavily targets. Without saying a word to other opposition forces.

Source: Le Monde



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