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Estimated VAT increase: Jean-Luc Melenchon continues to accuse the government, but acknowledges that this is Nuppe’s hypothesis

The Rebel and other members of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) have no plans to release pressure in the last part of the campaign. While they have been accusing the government for several days of raising VAT to finance the € 80 billion budget cut needed to reduce the deficit, their leader, However, Jean-Luc Melenchon specified that this was the case “From the analysis From him, to the BFM-TV microphone on Friday morning.

I blame you and tell you, tell us how you save $ 40 billion., Said the conductor Nupes against the government, long development. A few hours later, government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire responded, reiterating that this had never been planned and that such a statement was only “lie”.

“Tell us, how are you going to save 40 billion?” »

Mr. Melenchon began his remarks with a lengthy debate: “First of all, there is the commitment of the government of our country to the European Commission to return to 3% of the deficit. When we start with 6.5%, that equates to the $ 80 billion you need to get out of the budget. I started by saying, “You will not succeed, therefore, you are going to reduce public spending, as requested by the European Commission.” »

[Bruno] Mary begins by saying, “This is not the truth, this is an invention.”He argued before continuing: The next day he said he was right and said, “We always realized we were going to cut $ 40 billion.” So where did the other 40 billion declared go? »

This is where Mr Melenchon believes there could be a threat of a VAT increase. However, he points out for the first time that such confirmation comes from “Analysis” de la Nupes and the only hypothesis is:

“First, I tell them”You fail and you know it as well as I do. DThat is why you will have to increase the VAT. ” Why? So this is analysis. Why increase VAT? Because the European Commission (…) issued a recommendation two or three times – in 2012, 2013, 2016 and, I think, in 2017 – to increase VAT in order to increase state resources. »

To be re-launched by a journalist to find out if the government wrote a VAT increase, Mr. Melenchon responded clearly: “No ma’am. This is called a debate (…). I blame him and say “Tell us, how do you save 40 billion?” »

The government categorically denies the tax increase

On Tuesday, the Socialist boss, Olivier Faure, also got up on the subject and took action Huffington Post : “Jogor [Emmanuel Macron] Will it do so because it tells us that direct taxes will not increase, that it will not affect the incomes and assets of the rich, nor the benefits of multinational companies? This will increase the VAT. » At France Inter on Wednesday he then mentioned the fact that it “Hypothesis” came “The nonsense that comes to us from a certain number of people who work in Bersi’s offices”.

This re-activation of the spectrum “Social VAT” By the Nups there is only a false and false intention for the government to respond vigorously with peaks, while the attacks have multiplied between the two camps in recent days.

This is how the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Mair assessed it on Thursday “Mr. Melenchon has a problem with the truth”Where it says: “We have no secret plan”On France Bleu. He stressed that the government had no plans to raise taxes until the complaint was re-opposed by a Bush-du-Ron MP.

“When you hear, you read that there may be a VAT project in the drawers, it is a lie”Government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire also argued with France Bleu at the microphone on Friday before announcing: “What Jean-Luc Melenchon and Olivier Faure are saying is a lie to intimidate three days before the election. »

“I confirm it as clearly as my name is Olivia: we did not raise taxes”, He repeated. For him, “Whoever offers [d’augmenter les impôts]This is a nup. “ “Jean-Luc Melenchon proposes to increase taxes by 160 billion euros: for 110 billion companies and 50 billion families. “In our program we have a reduction of additional taxes in the amount of 15 billion euros.He argued.

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