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Aurore Berge threatens to cut subsidies to feminist associations that made “ambiguous remarks” about the October 7 attack.

Feminist collective #NousToutes Lille described Monday February 12 as“Instrumentalization” A comment made the day before by Delegate Minister Aurore Berger, who said she wanted to end subsidies to feminist associations that had “ambiguous notes” In connection with the October 7 attack by Hamas in Israel, which led to the war.

“I asked all associations [féministes] Financially supported [par l’Etat] will be discussed. (…) If there is any ambiguity about the comments made on October 7th, it would not be normal for these associations to continue receiving subsidies from the government.said the delegate of the minister responsible for equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination, on radio J. on Sunday.

“I refuse that the state financially supports associations that cannot describe what happened. She added, amid accusations of double standards directed at a section of the feminist movement that criticizes her. “silence”On October 7, regarding allegations of sexual assault by Hamas men against Israeli women. The minister addressed this request to the administration last week and is waiting for a response “in the next few days”.

After the March 25 against violence against women, the national collective #NousToutes and other feminist associations defended themselves by fighting “all women” and condemned Sexual and gender-based crimes, rapes, and femicides specifically committed by Hamas, particularly against women, LGBTQIA+ people, and children..

“We believe in all the victims where they come from”

“There is no uncertainty on the part of feminists, we believe in all victims, we are the first to condemn men’s violence against women, wherever they come from.”Amy Bah, president of #NousToutes Lille, responded to Agence-France Presse on Monday. According to him, the words of MI Berge belongs to A “Instrumentalization of Hamas Crimes and Israel’s Response in Gaza to Avoid Responsibility for Lack of Resources to Combat Gender-Based Violence”.

“This is a backlash [retour de bâton contre les droits des femmes] Also with the idea that feminists will cost society dearly”she claimed, before adding about #NousAll: “ We are financially independent, we do not receive public money, but this does not apply to all associations. » activist “It is recalled that associations dependent on subsidies carry out public service missions. The state takes responsibility for them, so today their threats are scandalous, especially since it threatens the victims of violence.”.

“Being a feminist means saying something; Being a feminist means supporting disabled women on October 7evaluated by MI Berger, Sunday, questions certain feminist associations. If the tragedy against women on October 7 had happened elsewhere, would the reactions have been stronger? Unfortunately, I fear it may have been. »

“If MI Berger thinks the priority today is to do just that [supprimer les subventions à des associations féministes]I find it shameful”said Manuel Bompard, national coordinator of La France insoumise, when asked about this on Monday Europe 1.

Although his party has been criticized for refusing to label Hamas a terrorist organization after the attack, he said: “Now silence is a sign of uncertainty, isn’t it? “I have not seen any feminist association not condemn it” The sexual assault, which was committed on October 7 and is being documented, continued to support feminist associations.

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde



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