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Uniforms at school: Minister Nicole Beloube believes “we must try everything” to fight “discrimination”.

The press noted the old criticism of the school uniform, the new Minister of Education, Nicole Beloube, on Monday, February 12, qualified her remarks to assess that the experiment launched by the executive branch could be “A way to help students” and “Avoid Discrimination”.

“I think if it’s to help our students, if it’s a way to prevent discrimination, we should try everything. Experiment in progress, will be evaluated »The minister told the press at the end of the first visit to the College of Reims, which was dedicated to the fight against school bullying.

The former Minister of Justice (2017-2020), who worked as a rector in the 2000s, judged in a publication published in 2016 that “Restoring Authority or Wearing the Blues” were “fariballs”. Statements that seem to put him at odds with the line defended by Emmanuel Macron and Gabriel Atal.

headlights? “It’s a very nice word, and I’m guessing that those who caught that word in this article didn’t really read the article.”The minister defended himself on Monday. Gabriel Attal, questioned on France 2 last week, in turn assured that his ministers were “fully customized” in his positions.

Target of criticism from the right and far right

Right-wing and far-right personalities are to blame “weakness” in the Ministry of Justice, or even complacency with Islamism during the Mila case – a teenager was threatened with death for criticizing Islam -, M.I Since Belube’s appointment, comparisons have been made to former national education minister Pap Ndiaye, who has become a constant target of the right-wing opposition, which sees him as a promoter of communitarianism. “I have many friendships with Pope Ndiaye. I am not Pope Ndiaye because each of us is formed by our own beliefs.The minister responded on Monday.

“Therefore, we must do everything we can to help students and teachers achieve better academic results. I am fully committed to this mission, which is the mission of the President of the Republic.”Nicole Belube added. “I have the ambition of a school both to have rules and to respect these rules and teachers”he said again.

Regarding the establishment of level groups in secondary school, the so-called “knowledge shock” measure, which was launched in 2023 by Gabriele Atal, when he was Minister of Education, but which causes strong rejection in the educational community, Nicole Beloube is limited to this. Once again confirms his desireEnter into a serious and sustainable dialogue with teachers, school leaders, inspection bodies..

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Source: Le Monde



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