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In Mayotte “it is the population that pays the consequences of the dams”

The word is on everyone’s lips: “uninhabited”. Primarily because of insecurity: gang battles between neighborhoods or villages, police attacks, stoning of buses, attacks around schools, extortion of cars, robberies of businesses and homes. Everyone in Mayotte remembers the last example of an acquaintance who fell victim to this violence. Then due to the roadblocks erected by the living collectives of forces, one of the main demands of which is the fight against insecurity.

Was it necessary to blockade the island from Paris to receive new measures? The Mahorais remain divided. Because the consequences on their daily lives are becoming more unbearable every day due to the difficulties of travel, mainly in Grande Terre. The economy is paralyzed. Schools are slow at best. The barges that provide sea connections between the two islands only provide a few connections per day. Many appeal to owners of pleasure or diving boats: more than 10 euros per passage compared to 0.75 euro cents for public transport on foot.

The hospital is working with half staff. Garbage is no longer collected and collected. “It’s hard, but we hope they will listen to us like this”, protects Rehmina, 32 years old. This school teacher, unlike her mother, does not participate in blocking the road, but supports the movement: “I hope this will relieve us of our anxiety. » “Insecurity on the island is no longer possible, Rehmina continues in a firm tone. We have no more life. We can no longer go to the beach and go out in the evening. People are oppressed. When I take my 3-year-old son to the park, he asks me if there are any criminals. »

Feeling tired

Supermarkets outside of Mamudzu are experiencing delivery difficulties. Further south of the island, away from the port of Longone and the storage centers. “Rice, eggs, milk, vegetables, chicken wings or legs are missing. Freezers are often empty. Describes Rehmina. And when the products arrive, everyone gathers. » Supply disruptions also affect gas bottles or money dispensers.

Hence, an increasingly palpable feeling in the throat. “But what did the blockade of the islands in 2011 and 2018 bring us? nothingProtests Sandra, 39 years old. In 2018 we screamed against insecurity and today it is worse. » This Mayotte Hospital Center employee says “angry with the situation”. with roadblocks and insecurity. After passing through the airport, she returns from a return trip to Réunion, 1,500 kilometers away, where she entrusted her daughters to her sister. Reason: On Monday, February 5, his partner’s catering business located in Mamudzu was attacked.

Source: Le Monde



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