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Elizabeth Bourne returns to the National Assembly

Despite the diplomatic row, Morocco remains a popular holiday destination for French political figures for sun and a change of scenery. So Elizabeth Bourne chose this destination, in early January, to move Matignon aside. A short stay in Marrakesh, then a long trek between Essaouira and Agadir (175 km) with a few friends allowed the former prime minister to catch his breath after eighteen months at the helm of government. Staying at a small backpacker hotel on the beach at Sidi Kouk south of Essaouira, he still laughs at the nervousness of the Moroccan police officers assigned to guard him, who are more used to the area around the royal palaces where guests mostly stay. French political leaders live like old hippies without electricity.

Back in Paris, Matignon’s former tenant plunged very quickly into the political bath, reconnecting before arriving at the National Assembly, scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, with all of Paris Macronist. Smiling and tanned, MoDem chief Francois Bairro welcomed him into his office as planning commissioner, lunched with interior minister Gérald Darmanin, who brought him flowers, and had coffee with the former president. The National Assembly’s Richard Ferran, another with his former transport minister Clement Bown, saw Horizons president Edouard Philippe calling for his retention in Matignon. He also dined with the President of the National Assembly, Yael Brown-Pivet, at the Hotel Lassay. Two women in particular noted the meetings of the Elysee majority executives, where they were not the only ones to be reprimanded by the head of state, but where they were, on the other hand, the only representatives of the gender stratum. “There were two of us. Now you will be all alone! »Elizabeth Bourne said cheerfully to the host.

Elected as an MP on 19 June 2022, a month into his tenure as Prime Minister, the former prefect, for whom this is his first term, has yet to sit down. He does not know the codes of parliamentary life and will take his place in the hemicycle with an unfavorable image, the image of the Prime Minister who, obliging the relative majority, activated Article 49.3 of the Constitution (23 times, from six different texts). which allows receiving the text after Michel Rocard (28 times, 1988-1991). A perspective that does not make him completely calm.

Source: Le Monde



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