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End of soil law in Mayotte: far-right and far-right welcome measure, left ‘concerned’

Before Gerald Darmanin announced, on Sunday, February 11 in Mayotte, a constitutional revision aimed at eliminating land rights in the Indian Ocean archipelago, political reactions are growing.

The far-right welcomed the announcement, saying it should not be limited to Mayotte. “Why don’t all the French deserve what the Mahoras deserve? The right to land should be abolished in the entire national territory! »he asked in the social network Reconquest Party President Eric Zemore.

guest on BFMTVMarion Marechal was glad that the Minister of Internal Affairs had gone “Finally consider the need to abolish land rights in Mayotte”He also regrets not continuing this measure “All over France”. “What the people of Mahora are experiencing today, the metropolis will experience in a few years! »Added the grandson of Jean-Marie Le Pen to lead the Reconquest party list! for the June 2024 European elections.

on CNewsThe president of Debout la France, Nicolas Dupont-Aigan, judged about it “The situation in Mayotte is not only related to land legislation, it is related to the resignation of the state on our borders, the presence of state-sponsored pro-migrant associations.”asserts “Referendum on ending land rights for all of France”.

“Finally!” Republicans cheered

Greetings “Strong Statements”Les Républicains (LR) Mayotte MP Mansour Kamardin has called for the abolition of land rights in Mayotte to be included in New Caledonia’s constitutional bill, which will be debated in parliament next month.

“Finally! 50% of the population on the island are foreigners. Our proposed constitutional law provides for this within 1 year., He was happy Republican President Eric Ciotti thanked Mr. Camardini “His work for the Mahoras.”

“We had the law of the land tightened during the immigration law, when the government didn’t plan for it, and of course the Constitutional Council censored it. In short, as soon as the law was published, new measures are needed! This senseless policy is powerless to actually solve the problems.”, responded Bruno Retailo, President of the LR Group in the Senate.

On the left, it’s “the right end of the earth”

On the left, the Socialist Party (PS) will oppose this revision of the constitution, the leader of the deputies Boris Valo said on France 3. “Will the constitutional revision of the Land Law change anything in the situation in Mayotte?” »he asked. “I don’t believe it, so I’m not in favor of revising Mayotte’s land law, which is already under the influence of a legal regime that is much tougher for French citizenship than for everyone else from France.”he emphasized. “Soil rights cannot be negotiated”he argued.

Environmentalist MP Aurien Tasche condemned it on BFM-TV “The door is open to the end of land law in our country”. “Why can the Department of Common Law of the French Republic have a different law than other departments?” I worry about the Pandora’s box that can be opened; If Marine Le Pen is elected, she will repeal the Land Law.he was worried on.

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“Darmanin announces the end of land rights in Mayotte and the ultra-right applauds this new ideological victory.” After breaking the taboo of national supremacy, Macron attacks the concept of nationhood, the foundation of the republic. And yet they dare to show themselves in the jump? », rebelled MEP Manon Aubry, head of La France List, will be considered for the European Parliament elections.

Environmentalist MEP, head of list of ecologists for Europeans Marie Toussaint assessed on his side that “The termination of land rights in Mayota will not solve the difficulties of the territory, but will harm our republic. The destruction of our values ​​by a President of the Republic who fronts the far right is a terrible setback.

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