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In Martinique, the justice rejects the prefect’s complaint against the officialization of Creole

The Administrative Court of Martinique on Wednesday, October 4, rejected the appeal of the prefect, who requested the suspension of the deliberations on the recognition of the Creole language as the official language of the West Indies island. “The summary judge of the Administrative Court rejects the appeal of the Prefect of Martinique, who requested a temporary suspension of the hearing of the Assembly of Martinique on May 25, 2023 recognizing Creole as the official language of Martinique.“- explains the court in the press release.

On May 25, three days after the celebration of the 175th anniversary of the abolition of slavery on the island, the elected representatives of the Martinique Assembly adopted a text that included Article 1.Eh Makes Creole its official language along with French.

withdrawal request

Martinique Prefect Jean-Christophe Bouvier, the guarantor of the control of the legality of the meeting of the local authorities, asked on July 25 the president of the executive body of the Territorial Collective of Martinique (CTM) to withdraw this article and reminded that “The first paragraph of Article 2 of the Constitution of August 4, 1958 establishes that “the language of the Republic is French”.. The president of the CTM executive board, Serge Lechimi, refused this request of the prefect, who referred the case to a judge on September 11.

According to the court, “Article 1Eh The reasoning of May 25, 2023, by which the Assembly of Martinique recognizes the Creole language as the official language of Martinique, like French, is devoid of any normative meaning and has no other effect than to grant the authority of the President of that country. The Assembly passed the announced bill as mentioned in Article 3 of the discussion..

Article 3 actually provides that – said the President of the Assembly of Martinique[te] The draft law to the Prime Minister, the state representative in the local government and the Presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate”..

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Source: Le Monde



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