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The motion of censure, a phantom threat hyped by Republicans

President of the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly, Olivier Marlay, in Matignon, Paris, September 14, 2023.

It’s no secret that Olivier Marle does not like the “New World” and its representatives. In the Les Républicains (LR) party, his legendary anti-Macronism amuses some and annoys others. But when asked about the possibility of submitting a no-confidence motion against the government, the leader of the LR group in the National Assembly walks a tightrope between the desire to strike a majority and the political reality that dictates more restraint. “We are not happy people demanding censorship” He said on Tuesday, September 19 on France Info, when he presented it as ” weapons of restraint.

Press or don’t press the red button, The question was animated behind the scenes of Parliamentary Days on September 12 and 13, with the aim of re-creating a collective spirit in a group whose WhatsApp loop remained hopelessly inactive during the holidays. With seventy-two elected officials, the right has never held so many seats in the National Assembly. However, this is the only formation that can topple the government by adding the votes of the opposition parties.

And he does not hesitate to mention it to put pressure on the executive, as did Olivier Marlay, president of the LR group in the Assembly, in July on immigration, or Gerard Larche, president of the Senate, on the budget. “We have this tool on our anti-values ​​texts and we can use it”, repeats Mr. Marley today. The latter comes across as weak-willed on the issue, ready to flex its muscles as the party’s president, Eric Siott, steps forward cautiously as a Siou chief. “We complement each other”The latter smiles.

“Feather Hats”

The weapon of censorship exists, but it must be used with caution. In fact, the difference is mainly in form between Eric Ciot and Olivier Marlex. he asked Le FigaroOn September 11, Olivier Marley warns the government about the possibility of starting a censorship process on the budget about the increase in the price of gasoline, which has become “Intolerable for the French”… but a nuance in the same sentence: “We are consistent and responsible. » Translation: when we call ourselves a government party, we do not censor the financial text. Even if the economic situation in the country is dramatic, there is budgetary stability that must be ensured without responsibility to allow the continuity of public services.Emilie Bonivard, MP for Savoy, summarizes.

Source: Le Monde



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