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In the National Assembly, the RN niche was going to trap opponents

After the photocopier, the National Rally (RN) will take out the scissors. For the second “parliamentary niche” in its history, the far-right party wants to cut the sanitary cordon, which makes it almost impossible to pass its texts or amendments in the National Assembly. In January, during the first niche after its massive arrival in the Palais-Bourbon, the RN was inspired by the legislative proposals presented by other parliamentary groups. For the scheduled October 12, he brought out the proposals of his presidential program, which may once again embarrass the left, the majority and the Republicans (LR).

The general tone of the niche, highlighted Le Figaro And presented to the Assembly on Tuesday, September 19, recalling the anchoring of the RN on the extreme right of the political spectrum: an attack on the rights of parents of juvenile offenders, the second against inclusive writing, the last for foreign minors, for whom bone tests are carried out. In case of reasonable doubt, it will become automatic. Other texts could attract left-wing support, such as a resolution in favor of political asylum for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the abolition of regulated access to historic nuclear electricity (for alternative suppliers, Arenh) and the restoration of regulated gas. the price. Another proposal that will be presented first seems very consensual: recognition of endometriosis as a long-term condition (ALD) and women who suffer from it as disabled workers.

However, on all benches except the LR elected officials, we are maintaining the course set at the beginning of the legislature: the text presented by the far right cannot be agreed. In January, some LR MPs supported the elimination of low-emission zones or the wearing of school uniforms, which was presented by the RN. Nothing more. Within the framework of the LR parliamentary group, we confirm that voting on the right-wing proposals coming from the RN is not a problem in principle. Republicans should also vote to ban inclusive writing and possibly end welfare benefits for parents of juvenile delinquents. Without much enthusiasm, we offer LR, where we will not be fooled by the maneuvers of the national rally.

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Discomfort is more noticeable in the majority. “The RN niche is one of the most difficult, Sylvain Maillard, president of Renaissance Group, agrees. We look at it text by text, then make changes that fit our vision for the community. » Most are tempted to rework proposals about inclusive writing or endometriosis that they say they agree with in principle, but which they anticipate will be a writing or funding problem.

Source: Le Monde



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