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The government has caught up with inflation again

After a scorching summer that lasted until September, the government announced an environmental planning plan for mid-September. It’s a pity, it’s still a question of purchasing power, which worries the population at the beginning of the school year and which the executive authorities deal with.

Although inflation has been eating into household budgets for two years, fuel prices are rising once again in the wake of rising oil prices, approaching the symbolic threshold of €2 per litre. And prompting the government, surprised, to lift the old taboo: Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne announced ParisianOn September 16, distributors will be allowed to sell fuel “at a loss” for six months. “Purchasing power is our battle”– assures the head of the government.

However, the issue of writing checks for drivers is no longer there. “Discount is very expensive, you can’t pay for gasoline ad vitam aeternam »asserts Sacha Houllier, president of the Renaissance National Assembly’s legal commission.

The Elysée recalled that more than 60 billion euros had been disbursed in two years to help the French overcome a post-Covid inflationary spike accentuated by the war in Ukraine. “And we continue to cover more than 40% of the electricity billEmmanuel Macron’s advisor claims. It is a lie to say that the state does not put its hand in its pocket. » The ghost of Liz Truss, the British prime minister who was forced to resign just six weeks after arriving at 10 Downing Street over a shaky budget presentation, still haunts a year later a French executive who insists on her budgetary seriousness.

Vulnerable self-employed

“We want everyone to take responsibility” Encourages Elizabeth Bourne Paris week, for example, cites TotalEnergies and its €1.99 a liter, or the cost operations of certain major retail brands. The possibility of selling fuel at a loss, banned by law since 1963, is included in the bill, which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers at the end of September and debated in Parliament in October. will be effective “Early December”Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire announced this on Monday, September 18.

But the first criticism of the hasty decision, which will benefit big stores that can catch up with other everyday consumer products, while weakening independents, is not long in coming. Proof of the improvisation that led to the announcement, the trade union Mobilians, which represents 5,800 service stations, in addition to supermarkets, announced on Monday evening that Bercy had determined after an emergency meeting. “Compensation Measures” for independent gas stations… but without specifying the amount promised by the executive. Debate with Eric Worth, Renaissance MP in Oise and former budget minister under Nicolas Sarkozy, who predicted the worldAt the beginning of the afternoon that“In the end, there is always someone who pays”.

Source: Le Monde



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