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Resisting inflation without expanding the deficit, the impossible Beers equation

A purchasing power bill passed before the summer holidays, a €45 billion tariff shield was introduced with much fanfare to combat rising gas and electricity bills: the start of the 2022 academic year was marked by a fight against inflation. Nothing like it this fall. Trapped by promises of debt reduction, a week before the presentation of the 2024 Finance Bill (PLF) on September 27, and the same day as the study of the Public Finance Programming Law, which lays out a spending-cutting trajectory for Brussels. Until 2027, the government wants this year to be significantly less.

If inflation slows down on supermarket shelves, food prices remain high (+11% in a year), while fuel has started to rise again in the summer, now approaching €2 per litre. A radioactive entity that cannot be ignored by a public authority whose goal is to end the inspection policy after three years “whatever it takes” in principle.

“Everyone must do their part”We repeat again and again on all floors of Bersi. “The state cannot bear the price of inflation alone”Bruno Le Maire insisted once again, on Monday, September 18, in the program “Les 4 Vérités” on France 2. “The state is still paying 10 billion euros to pay part of the household electricity bill. He protected 90 billion with gas and electricity. »

“checks completed”

At the end of August, Bruno Le Maire was already dealing with the increase in the price of school supplies and promised. “A new point in the fight against the high cost of living” with the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Olivia Grigore. A week later, on August 31, the former LR announced a price freeze for 5,000 references in stores and an early invitation to new negotiations between manufacturers and major retail brands. On September 7, this time he targeted TotalEnergies and asked to extend the discount granted by the oil company beyond December 31 – his fuel is currently €1.99 per litre. The request was received by the group’s chief executive, Patrick Pouyanne, a few days later.

As ever, the government knows it is being watched closely. “Unlike unemployment, on which the French depend on public debate figures, inflation, they know exactly the price of fuel or, most uncertainly, the price of food per kilo.” Encrypted by Emmanuel Riviere, Associate Director of Grand Public Agency, opinion specialist. However, there is no talk of increasing the energy audit, restoring the government rebate, reducing VAT as demanded by the opposition, or even repeating the fuel allowance, the €100 aid initially granted to the most modest households on request. year.

Source: Le Monde



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