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Pension reform: Elizabeth Bourne says repeal proposal is ‘disrespectful to the French’.

The bill aimed at repealing the pension reform, which should be discussed in the National Assembly on June 8, is “Lack of respect for the French”said Elizabeth Bourne on Friday, May 26, confirming once again that she was “unconstitutional”. “If I want the parliament to vote for an unconstitutional bill? my answer is no”The Prime Minister said during a trip to Cote d’Or dedicated to biodiversity.

“I find it scandalous that the French people believe that we can vote for a text that everyone knows, first of all, that it is not certain that it will reach the end of its course and that, if it is adopted, then The Constitutional Council will cancel it”said Elizabeth Bourne in Chatillon-sur-Seine.

The independent parliamentary group LIOT (Liberties, Independents, Overseas Territories and Territories) has submitted a draft law that will cancel the raising of the retirement age to 64 years. The proposal, which has broad support from the opposition, will be discussed in committee on Wednesday and then at the Hemicycle on June 8.

The presidential majority is currently considering legislative and parliamentary remedies to avoid a high-stakes vote that would have strong political implications, even if it has little chance of actually calling pension reform into question.

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