Home Politics Pension reform: distinguished, unions outraged by Emmanuel Macron

Pension reform: distinguished, unions outraged by Emmanuel Macron

Pension reform: distinguished, unions outraged by Emmanuel Macron
During a demonstration by railway workers in Lyon, March 22, 2023.

Was Emmanuel Macron trying to restore ties with the unions or widen the gap that exists between him and them a little further? In an interview with TF1 and France 2 on Wednesday, March 22, ahead of the ninth day of mobilization against the pension reform, the head of state seemed to want to contact workers’ organizations to invite them to the opening. Discussions about work. But he also criticized them for not being reliable interlocutors on the subject of the transformation of pension schemes – which he repeated. “necessary”. In addition, he criticized “Rebels” and “Factions” which rage in demonstrations. So many remarks which only intensified the indignation – already very strong – of all those responsible for the workers’ movement.

Regarding the pension project, the President of the Republic regretted that it was not presented to the trade unions “compromise proposals” During the consultations between the government and the social partners in autumn 2022. Mr Macron also addressed CFDT Secretary General Laurent Berger, who insisted that he “He was gone before his congress”in Lyon in June 2022, he proposed “To increase longevity [de cotisation requises afin d’avoir droit à une pension à taux plein] ». “He did not follow (…) But he had this desire to make people work harder »finished the tenant of the Elysée.

Denial and lies! »Mr. Berger took to the social networking site Twitter minutes after the interview with the head of state. “This is factually incorrect. and it is inappropriate to refer a union official to intervene.”, added the cedist official on France 2 television news at 8 p.m. He recalled that his organization “A compromise was offered” and “Another reform, which was even more [celle] of the President of the Republic in 2017.”on the latter’s project, which aims to establish a universal system, with a previous five-year term. Subtext: Mr. Macron’s doctrine on this issue is marked by incoherence and incoherence.

Other confederations responded with equal vigor. During a joint speech at the CFE-CGC congress in Tours, the president of this union, François Homeril, and Philippe Martinez, the number one of the CGT – who was among the guests – revealed very direct words. the intensity of their indignation. “This interview is a joke and an insult to the millions of people who are demonstrating”Mr. Martinez said. Mr. Homeril said to himself “very shocked” And the twist: “Emmanuel Macron is acting as if nothing has happened for two months. It was as if the earth had stopped rotating. He went to the moon. He may have been with Thomas Pesket [le spationaute]. »

Source: Le Monde


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