Home Politics Immigration: Senate does not want “cut-to-size” text, warns Gerard Larchet

Immigration: Senate does not want “cut-to-size” text, warns Gerard Larchet

Immigration: Senate does not want “cut-to-size” text, warns Gerard Larchet

The immigration bill, which has been delayed by a right-wing majority in the Senate, is the text. “substantial” And who cannot be “sausage”said Thursday, March 23, Senate President Gérard Larche at the LCI, the day after Emmanuel Macron’s statements.

Passed in committee last week – with some tougher provisions – the text is due for a first reading in the hemicycle from next Tuesday. The head of state said on Wednesday that the bill, which does not satisfy either the right or the left, will be cut “some text”.

On Wednesday evening, at the conference of the presidents of the Senate (which brings together, in particular, all the presidents of the political group), it was observed that this controversial bill will be removed from the agenda, which will be carried out by the ministers of the interior, Gérald Darmanin, and Olivier Dussop of work. However, said Gerard Larche, if the Senate is “good” Reviewing the text to remove it from the agenda “It can only be postponed”.

“At the conference of presidents, there is no question that is wounded, as the president of the republic mentioned”Gerard Larche continued. for the President of the Senate, “Migration policy is integrity”. “It is a text like pensions, essential, which must be considered on its merits and which must provide answers”he noted. “Slalom riding is undoubtedly an interesting exercise for skiers, but I think consistency, courage is needed in politics”she said.

“This is not politics”

In a letter sent by Gerard Larchet on Wednesday, a copy of which was obtained by Agence France-Presse, Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne explained the removal of the initial text. “With the help of the two assemblies, we will be able to build the best method to move forward as quickly as possible on these key issues, without undermining the strong ambitions of this text, both in terms of immigration control and in the area of ​​integration. ».

Mr. Larcher admitted that he himself had asked for the review of the text to be postponed. “I accept my responsibility, on Sunday evening I spoke to the President of the Republic about the need to discuss such an important text in peaceful conditions”she said.

Criticism a “A rather baroque method”Socialist deputy Jérôme Guedma recalls this“We were presented with this reform as absolutely essential, when only Macron was trying to unleash the far right on the ground.. “If you get sausage, a little here, a little there, it’s not politics”He assessed on Franceinfo. “Make a law for the sake of law, and a law that will ultimately increase immigration problems is better than doing nothing.”In turn convicted Deputy RN Thomas Menagerie at RMC.

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde


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