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Reconquest!, Eric Zemore’s party, settles scores in bookstores

Gaining the support of the voters, the presidential candidacy of Eric Zemour (Reconquête!) makes the publishing sector work: three books, published at the same time, tell the story behind the scenes of the candidacy that destroyed the campaign until the flash is found (7.07% of the vote, in the next legislative elections 4, 2%. In the absence of sensational revelations, it comes down to Eric Zemore’s refusal to break the strategy and his inability to sense the mood of the country – or even to respond to it. An inability, basically, to break through the intoxicating bubble of a campaign that has generated media enthusiasm and a large number of radical activists, But after the invasion of Ukraine, the suffocation ended.

Two war raids from Eric Zemour’s campaign, Jacqueline Moreau and MEP Jérôme Riviere portray an isolated man, isolated in bourgeois Paris, but convinced that he alone can save France. shipwreck. Much of the blame has been directed at Sarah Knafo, the candidate’s running mate and the first adviser to be charged. “took power” on it. A young woman obsessed with the former leader of the “Yellow Vests” is almost sick (Jacqueline who?Books, 216 pages, €19), which consistently compares her to Geppetto (Pinocchio’s puppet), Madame de Montespan (Louis XIV’s favorite) and Claire Underwood (heroine of the political soap opera. house of cardswith her husband, Frank).

strategic mistakes

Like Jérôme Riviere, he attributes it to the isolation of Eric Zemore, who became impervious to the advice of the supporters he wanted. “Eric Zemore’s Cultural Intelligence Shattered by Ignorance of Popular Reality”Catch Jacqueline Moreau revealing this angry rant by the far-right polemicist, held in front of all her supporters: “Popular France is illiterate!” » The author of the foreword, the essayist Michel Onfray, who for some time was fascinated by Zemourian’s candidacy, provides an amazing diagnosis of the adventure: “Great things are never done without the people—certainly not against them or in spite of them.” »

More interesting is what it contains in the nuances and analysis of the various incarnations of the extreme right, the history of Jerome Riviere (top? Okey then !Ed. du Rocher, 200 pages, €16.90) praises Marine Le Pen, who dropped out midway through the presidential campaign, and observes the shortcomings of Eric Zemour. “This deep hatred, this mortal feeling against Marine, will be one of the main fuels for his future crossing of the Rubicon.The MEP elected with the colors of the national rally believes. This certainty must blind him when he confronts him… because if Marine doesn’t really have Eric’s culture, he’s a very special political animal on the other hand. That Zemor, he cannot become. » The former UMP deputy believes that the candidate’s disinterest in the human dough has multiplied internal tensions and strategic mistakes: according to him, Eric Zemur tried to overcome as much as possible, according to the Trumpist model, without measuring what he would say about him. mankind.

Source: Le Monde



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