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In New Orleans, between jazz and Francophonie, Emmanuel Macron’s unexpected conversation with Elon Musk

In 2018, Emmanuel Macron had to refuse the invitation with a heavy heart. Since then, this idea has been running around in his head. Therefore, the French president took his time and ended his American tour on Friday, December 2, with a detour to New Orleans, a two-hour plane ride from Washington. On the second day of the state dinner organized in his honor at the White House “friend” Joe Biden, the head of state, was able to enjoy the hospitality of the Cajuns.

In shirtsleeves, drawing a dance step to a gospel tune When the saints come in for a walkWith the French Quarter street orchestra playing, alongside the mayor, Latoya Cantrell, Emmanuel Macron has left the excitement of Paris and the affairs that pollute his mandate far from him. “How are things in France?” ยปEmigration asks in French. “big”– the president answers immediately.

Admittedly, the reception is a far cry from what was reserved for General de Gaulle, who in 1960 mobilized up to 300,000 people in the previous occupation. But fun, selfies, “We love you” Launched from iron balconies, it was enough to dissipate the friction that characterized Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Washington and the fatigue associated with the prospect of a state visit. “People come to thank you for being there”notes David Cheram, a resident of neighboring Lafayette who has devoted his career to promoting French, the language his parents spoke at home.

In Washington, the head of state did not achieve the progress he envisioned. But on the banks of the Mississippi, he said he was satisfied with his trip. “The balance exceeds what we legitimately expected.”He assured and denied anything “Friction or tension that would justify any anger” together with his American counterpart. “was a word of truth”he corrected.

“Put France and Europe at the center of America’s agenda”

In the heart of French-speaking Louisiana, the head of state presented himself as a defender of French and European interests. So yes, he has “His foot in the dish”As he admits, he will push through the hot topic of the moment, the “Slow Inflation Act,” that massive investment plan that promises subsidies and tax breaks. Made in America Acceleration of energy transfer. A plan seen as a protectionist threat that could weaken Europe by accelerating migration and deindustrializing the old continent.

Source: Le Monde



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