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Parliament finally adopted the social security budget

In a now well-established role-playing game, the National Assembly on Friday evening, December 2, rejected a new motion of censure by the New People’s, Environmental and Social Union (Nupes) against the government, leading to its final passage. 2023 budget of social security by the Parliament.

The motion garnered only 87 votes, far short of the 288 absolute majority needed to topple the government. The debate followed Elizabeth Bourne’s enactment of Constitutional Arms 49.3 on Wednesday, the seventh time this fall on the budget text, to pass the bill without a vote.

Before the rare hemicycle, Elizabeth Bourne worried that the succession of sin petitions had led to “The useful time for debate has been significantly reduced” : only with this budget, “6 Knowledge Petitions, Over Three Years for Michel Rocard”– reprimanded the Prime Minister quite annoyed. Prime Minister 1988-1991 Socialist used the most 49.3.

“You spin like a broken record”LFI MP Manuel Bompard started on Friday, amid apostrophes on the left. “Reign’s End” Macronists. “We must put the chicken back on the egg: without 49.3, there is no motion for censorship”A member of the communist group, Moetai, recalls.

RN did not join Nupes

persuasive search “Ruthless compromises in good faith”The head of the government proposed to the opposition “Engaged in discussion, transparency, on the way” from “Discuss the content of the texts in more detail”rather than giving “A Spectacle of Heartbreak and Sterile Debate”.

The RN group did not join its voice with the left, unlike previous times. “We are not here to serve as an advertising agency” à la Nupes but “For the future, we do not deny ourselves anything”, warned his spokesman Laurent Jacobel. Nupe’s text marked his distances: “There will never be complacency or collusion with the far right”. The initiative was supported by the sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Eigan. Neither the deputies of LR nor the independents of the Liot group were present.

The Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) was approved on time, ahead of the constitutionally mandated 50-day review period.

This draft budget envisages preventive health measures (appointment at the prime age of life), increasing the price of tobacco, provisions for anti-social fraud, and again the creation of a fourth year of internship in general medicine. in “priority” In medical deserts.

It is also planned to save, in particular, 250 million on medical analysis laboratories. They are on strike against this until Saturday “Airplane Stroke” on their profits.

Mrs. Borne boasted “Massive resources for our hospital” and protection measures “more fragile”When the left was pointing “Health care system at its bottom”.

The pension reform was postponed by another bill

Discussions were limited to the order of 49.3 in the hemicycle, which was activated at times preemptively and allowed the government to choose the retained amendments.

The right-wing-dominated Senate rejected the budget proposal in a new hearing on Tuesday, angry that the government “expired” his corrections “Icon”. Among them, one called for raising the retirement age to 64 — a Senate standoff for several years.

But the government has chosen to introduce its reform proposal in another upcoming bill, the draft of which will be announced in mid-December, and which has greatly agitated people’s minds. “You stepped back to jump better”The rebel Manuel Bompard confirmed and said to himself “ready to fight” and announced a fashion show in Paris on January 21, “At the call of the youth”. Mrs. Bourne hopes that “Republicans for example”power “finding a way out”– he told the newspaper Parisian.

This controversial reform could be a draft Social Security budget amendment that would allow 49.3 to be used again in early 2023 if necessary. In the meantime, the parliament must finally adopt the state budget for 2023. which Matignon’s employer has already twice taken his responsibility with 49.3.

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde



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