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Are you looking for work? The government launches a vacancy with a salary of up to 30,000 pesos with only high school completed


With only high school completed, you can apply for these vacancies.Credits: Freepik

Today it is difficult to find a well done when there is none Previous experiencebut it also showed that it is not necessary to have a very high level of education to obtain a position with a good economic remuneration and, also, it gives you the opportunity to grow within it.

This is how through Official Journal of the Federation (shallow DOF), the government secretary (Ségob), the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (STPS) and the Ministry of Agrarian Development, Territorial and Urban and the Ministry of Tourismthey have published a series of job offers where people who have finished high school can earn up to 20 thousand pesos per month and here we talk a little more about each of them.

Request a log analyst

The Interior Ministry announced a vacancy with a gross monthly salary of 18,780 pesos. Ideal candidates for this position should have a high school level or high school, as well as at least 2 years of Work experience in areas such as administrative support, national legislation, public administration and international relations.

Responsibilities for this position include file integrationregistration and support of applicants for recognition of refugee status and complementary protection, the collection of forms, the conduct of initial interviews and the follow-up of files. Since the position will involve the contacts with foreigners, the candidate must have an intermediate level of English, have reading, writing and conversation skills; Some of the activities that need to be carried out are:

  • Keep the register of applicants for recognition of the refugee status and additional protection, to be used as updated information base and reliable in the studies that are developed.
  • Provide advice to candidates recognition of refugee status, to inform them and dispel their doubts as to the application process.
  • Follow up on the files of refugee claimants, to keep track of the board’s requirements.
  • Register applications for recognition of refugee status in the refugee information system (sire), to track applications and contribute to efficiency alien detection seeking refuge in Mexico.

Operational sub-delegation

There Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development published an attractive job offer with a monthly salary of 30 thousand 290 pesos. The main role of this position is to organize, supervise and control the operation of programs aimed at treating, resolving and preventing agrarian social conflictsas well as the promotion of the development of self-management capacities and the formation of human capital in the rural sector, in accordance with the National Development Plan and the Sector Programme.

To apply for this position, experience in fields such as agricultural, economic, legal, political, mathematical and sociological sciences is required. The main experience is agronomystatistical and economic and the main objective of the person occupying the vacant post is to propose general orientations and strategies for the national public policy regional development, involving state and municipal governments, social and private sectors and relevant federal agencies.

Per diem and ticket link

The monthly salary for this position is 18,780 pesos and to apply, experience in public administration and executive and administrative support is required. Job responsibilities include managing the requests for per diems and tickets for public officials, review documentation and prepare reports. In addition, the employee must be responsible for safeguarding documentation relating to trips made by the civil servants; The person occupying the vacant position must be in charge of:

  • save the travel requests and tickets for officials mandated by the decentralized administrative body, in order to have the authorizations for its realization, contributing to the goals and objectives of the institution.
  • Consult the documentation proof of travel expenses and receipts in order to verify that the expenditure is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • Take care of other functions that legal provisions and regulations attributed to him within the framework of his competence, as well as those conferred by the immediate superior.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

The incredible increase in the price of petrol in Nigeria


What was said during the inauguration speech of the new president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in Abuja on Monday, May 29, will be enough to start a process that should very quickly lead to the official removal of the petrol importation subsidy that has been troubling. The Nigerian Economy Through the Ages. “There are no more subsidies” said the head of the state and for a moment moved away from the official script distributed to the press. The next day, worried Nigerians stormed gas stations across the country, leading to yet another fuel shortage.

“I realized something had changed when I got on my bus to go to work, explains Presus, in front of a vegetable stand at Obalend Market in Lagos. The driver asked me for 300 naira when I usually only pay 100 naira for this trip. I was told here that gasoline has increased. » Fuel prices almost tripled in just one day on Wednesday, May 31.

In the afternoon, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) issued a statement informing consumers that “Gasoline price at the pump.” [ses] The gas stations were adjusted according to the reality of the market. This represents an increase to 488 naira per liter at NNPC stations, while it was only 184 naira forty-eight hours earlier. Private gas stations quickly lined up, often posting even higher prices.

A significant shock

For Nigerians who see access to cheap fuel as one of the few privileges they get from oil power, the shock is significant. Especially since gasoline is also used to power generators in the country’s extremely damaged power grid. “Yesterday I sent my daughter to get petrol for our generator, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that she only brought me the bottom of a pot! » Precious exclaims, astonished. In this process, the price of food products in the market has increased dramatically. “We knew the subsidies would go away, but this is really violent.” laments Aziz, who drives taxis at a nearby parking lot. The cost of a fully packed seat in one of his cars has increased by 100 GEL since the beginning of the week. “We should double the prices, but it’s impossible, people wouldn’t be able to afford it.” So we lose money. “ Explains the fiftieth anniversary.

The change is all the more drastic because communication around this topic is, at the moment, almost non-existent. “There is not much transparency in what is happening, Regrets Noel Okwedi, an analyst at Stears in Lagos. We knew that the subsidies were included in the budget until the end of June, but there was clearly a desire to act faster. »

In August 2021, the Nigerian government adopted aOil Industry Act” to organize the deregulation of the market and, in principle, the end of subsidies. But the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari continued to fund this aid for imports, which cost Nigeria $10 billion in 2022.

“Strong political signal”

Despite their harmful pressure on the economy, no one could imagine that the new head of state would get rid of them from the first day of his mandate. “This is a strong political signal for investorsNoel Okwedi admits. The president wants to show his seriousness, desire to reduce the debt and be more efficient. » Nigeria had previously been forced to borrow to finance this controversial bailout, taking on increasingly unsustainable debt. “On this topic, the government has been under pressure from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for a long time.Adds Mickaël Vogel, director of research firm Hawilti in Lagos. It is estimated that almost half of the subsidized fuel imported into Nigeria is trafficked to neighboring countries. » The removal of subsidies for this industry specialist will not only benefit private operators in the oil sector, but also give a boost to the gas industry in Africa’s largest market.

“Because of the initial shock to people who are already facing high inflation, this is good news for Nigeria.claims a player in this sector in Nigeria who speaks on condition of anonymity. We have spent ridiculous amounts of money on these subsidies when they could have been invested in infrastructure, health, education or industrialization of the economy.. He simply regrets that the government has not announced palliative measures to support the population during this transition period. “But let’s not kid ourselves: because of repeated shortages in recent months, the price of petrol has already risen significantly in Nigeria. »

On the streets of Lagos, many are abandoning this long heralded rise. “We will be fine as always.said Solomon, a tailor from Obalende. We’ve faced Covid-19, the economic crisis, gas shortages and cash shortages. [suite à une politique monétaire controversée de la banque centrale en début d’année]. We can only hope that all this will eventually lead to something positive for the future of our country. »

Source: Le Monde

South Korea’s recognition of same-sex couples opens debate on pro-marriage law for everyone.


A year ago, hopes for LGBT+ couples in South Korea to finally achieve some form of recognition were fading. But a ruling by the Seoul High Court set a precedent that led to the proposed law. Jang Hae-young, an MP from the Justice Party, brought a text in favor of same-sex marriage to parliament on Wednesday, May 31. A historic first, which advocates for sexual minorities welcome, in a context where a strong conservative side of South Korean society continues to oppose them. “True Enmity”According to the Human Rights Watch organization.

The two men, So Seong-wook and Kim Yong-min, were symbolically married in 2019 in a ceremony that had no legal effect. They live together as a married couple. Mr So will then register his partner as a dependent with the country’s health insurance service, the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS). Eight months later, Mr. Kim’s status was revoked after the NHIS discovered that Mr. Soo and Mr. Kim were a same-sex couple.

In 2021, Mr. So sued the facility after the benefits his partner had received were terminated. The Seoul Administrative Court rejects his request and rules in favor of the NHIS in 2022: “According to the lawThe court then asserts, The union of a man and a woman is understood as a fundamental element of marriage, and there is no legal basis for extending this definition to same-sex couples. »

Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

Major change: In February 2023, the Seoul High Court overturned that decision and ordered the Health Insurance Service to reinstate Mr. Kim’s benefits. The judges recalled that Social Security law allows married couples to register for one member who is a dependent of the other. They also believe that exempting same-sex couples could be considered discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

“The complainant and her partner are men, but they see each other as loving partners who care for each other. One is financially dependent on the other. They announced their reunion in front of their families and friends. Therefore, their relationship, in its essence, is no different from that of a married couple.concludes the court’s decision, which specifies, however, if this decision is the first in South Korea, it is in no way a recognition “Legal Status” Same-sex marriage.

A “Decision [qui] Gives hope that prejudice can be overcome”said Boram Jang, East Asia researcher at Amnesty International. Despite this, “There is still a long way to go to end discrimination against the LGBT community”she argued.

“deeply patriarchal system”

On several occasions, the Democratic Party of Korea has proposed laws aimed at combating discrimination against sexual minorities. Although none of these have ever been adopted, influential evangelical churches have campaigned to prevent the LGBT+ community from accessing rights such as marriage.

Therefore, political support for a legal union between two people of the same sex was never discussed. In fact, nothing is forbidden, but nothing is allowed and neither is it recognized. In 2013, director Kim Joo Kwang-soo himself dreamed of a big wedding with his partner. The union took place, but remained symbolic.

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daily Korea messenger A month ago, he said that the Korean constitution “Doesn’t specifically mention same-sex marriage”But Article 36 deals with marriage “Traditionally, marriage has been interpreted to include persons of the opposite sex.”

Thus, the introduction of a text in favor of same-sex marriage in South Korea’s parliament is the first He welcomed the Justice Party. The change is part of a bill that aims to expand the right to start a family, in addition to protecting health care for single women – but not female couples. “Another step towards disrupting the deeply patriarchal system of marriage and family and changing the institutions, practices and culture of our society. (…) more towards equality”Welcomed the Korea Marriage Equality Association.

This new law proposes to establish a union “At the request of both opposite-sex or same-sex parties, to remedy the fact that same-sex marriage petitions have not been accepted to date due to the habitual discrimination in our company.”Deputy Jang Hae-young reveals.

The elected member of the Justice Party defends A “Birth Aid” For single women who wish to apply for medically assisted reproduction, regardless of their marital status. As for the recognition of social motherhood among several women (those who do not give birth to children), no details have been released. MP We also offer A law that allows two unmarried adults to legally live together “Enjoy the legal rights and social support they need to live and care for each other as a family”.

With the support of the Democratic Party, the People’s Power Party, as well as independent MPs, the bill is unlikely to be passed, but will increase pressure on the government, which is gradually pushing to recognize the existence of families outside traditional models.

Source: Le Monde

Microsoft’s AI design tool arrives in Teams


Starting this Thursday (1st), Teams users can use Microsoft Designer, which is in preview on Windows 11, right in the app. This tool is similar to Canva and uses Microsoft AI (artificial intelligence) to generate designs for posters, presentations and postcards, for example.

For those in a hurry:

But unlike Canva, Canva accepts requests for text or uploaded images and leverages Dall-E 2 (OpenAI’s text-to-image AI) to create designs, with drop-down menus and text boxes for customization.

Microsoft’s “Canva style” tool

Designer, also available on the web and in the Edge browser sidebar, was originally announced in October 2022. New features, including caption and animation generation, arrived in April. And Microsoft has promised more, with advanced editing features on the way.

Microsoft’s ultimate goal is to monetize Designer through personal and family subscriptions to Microsoft 365. But the company hasn’t explained exactly how far the pricing can go.

However, the company has said that some of the tool’s features will remain free. What features? Well that’s still an open question.

More updates for Teams

The other updates Microsoft announced this Thursday for Teams have less to do with AI.

For starters, users of GroupMe, Microsoft’s free group messaging app, can create Teams calls from any group chat (new or existing) in the program.

Also, starting this week, Teams communities, which allow users to connect, share and collaborate in groups similar to Discord, are working on Windows 11, as is compatibility with Windows 10 and macOS.

As with Teams communities on other platforms, Windows 11 users can create communities, host events, moderate content, and receive notifications about upcoming events and activities.

Digital illustration showing the characteristics of Microsoft Teams

A new Community Discovery feature, rolling out in the coming days on Windows 11, iOS, and Android, lets Teams users join communities focused on topics like parenting, gaming, gardening, tech, and remote work. Incidentally, it’s up to community owners on iOS and Android to allow their communities to be discoverable in Teams, according to Microsoft.

Owners can approve or deny requests to join their communities and assign owner controls to other group members, as well as create surveys via MSForms and share posts as email if they choose.

In a related update, Teams community members can now record video from their mobile devices using a new capture experience with updated filters and tagging tools.

On iOS, community owners can scan and invite emails or phone numbers from an online document, sheet of paper, or other type of list using their phone’s camera.

The post Microsoft AI design tool comes to Teams first appeared in Olhar Digital.

Source: Olhar Digital

Twitter users ask for and pay dearly for invitations from Bluesky


Bluesky is one of the hottest platforms right now. Championed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, the social network recently announced that it gained 100,000 users in February alone and used the occasion to hold a commemorative event in San Francisco, California.

The surprise was that some partygoers went there interested in something else: getting invites to use the app.

Unlike Twitter, you need to receive an invite with a special code to join Bluesky. It’s often not easy to get one, which has led some people to adopt another strategy: buy.

How’s Blusky?

Some even use Twitter itself to try and find an invite. This is the case of publicist Arick Jones, who has been trying to get one for months without success. Jones even offered US$250 for the access code: “I’d pay up to US$250 for that” (more than R$1,250 in direct conversion).

Others have set up online groups to seek out and even negotiate invitations. Some are listed for nearly $1,000 on sites like eBay (R$5,000 at current prices).

After all, why is Bluesky “popping out”?

How to get an invitation

One justification for currently restricting access is to grow in an orderly fashion as the company strengthens its moderation tools. As Bluesky grew, it began to face the same challenges as other social media companies, such as debates over content moderation policies.

On the purchase invitations, Wang said, “We strongly advise against anyone buying invitation codes. If Bluesky has proof that a user is selling invites, they will revoke the invites from that account.

With information from The Wall Street Journal

The post that Twitter users ask for and pay dearly for invites from Bluesky first appeared on Olhar Digital.

Source: Olhar Digital

Roland Garros 2023: ‘Grand Slam without psychodrama, impossible for me’, Novak Djokovic’s tumultuous start


Almost every other day since the start of the 2023 edition of Roland Garros, almost all eyes have been on one player: Novak Djokovic. Nothing new under the sun to flood the halls of the Porte d’Auteuil this year. From the beginning of his career, the Serb got used to being talked about on the pitch as much as he was off it. Following the politico-sanitary standoff at the 2022 Australian Open, the world No. 3 polarized the debate on geopolitical grounds as she entered the Grand Slam in Paris.

“Kosovo is the heart of Serbia. stop the violence” The former circle boss, whose father was born in Kosovo, was registered on Monday, May 29, on a traditional dedicated camera. of players. Sent “activist”, “very political”Convicted Amelie Oudéa-Castéra, France 2, during an outbreak of violence in the north of the country, where demonstrators from the Serbian minority clashed with NATO forces stationed there.

When reporters told him the sports minister’s words on Wednesday night after his second-round victory over Hungary’s Marton Fuchsovic (7-6, 6-0, 6-3), Djokovic was terse. ” no comment “, Confirming his words, without repetition, at the press conference:

– After all your adventures in recent years, you’d think you’d want a Grand Slam tournament experience without the psychodrama. Can you enlighten us on the way of your opinion, isn’t there a little voice in you that was saying to itself: is it really worth it? [d’inscrire ce message] Given how explosive the topic is?

“I don’t regret doing it. I know a lot of people don’t agree with me, but it’s true. A Grand Slam without psychodrama, I don’t think it’s possible for me, and I think it motivates me.

Dr. Novak, Mr. “Joker”

The Serb is not satisfied with playing arsonists, he asserts and signs, smiling. Regardless of whether he’s being criticized, belittled, criticized or even fired, Novak Djokovic is never as hungry for a racket in his hand as when he’s in trouble. Between the need to be loved as much as his rivals Federer and Nadal, which becomes obsessive, and his repeated provocations, the character is difficult to understand. Dr. Novak, Mr. “Joker.” “I don’t know if he will be punished or not.” If they fine me, I won’t regret it.” He added on Monday, insisting on being present “Against war, against violence, against all kinds of conflict”.

Source: Le Monde

Lindsay’s suicide: Family appeals, Pope Ndiaye admits ‘collective failure’


“If everyone had done their part to protect Lindsay, she would have been alive.” The family of a 13-year-old girl who killed herself after being bullied at school, Thursday 1Eh June, who filed a complaint, in particular, against the rectory and Facebook.

Three complaints have been filed against the college’s management, the Lille Academy and the police officers in charge of the investigation “due to the lack of help for those in danger,” said the family’s lawyer, Pierre Debuisson, at a news conference in Vendin. le-Vieil (Pas-de-Calais), where the schoolboy who committed suicide on May 12 was educated. The fourth targets the social network Facebook “totally flawed” According to the lawyer.

Four minors have been charged with “school harassment that led to suicide” as part of a judicial investigation, the Bethune prosecutor announced on May 25. The main person was charged with “death threats”. All of them were under judicial control. The rectory of Lille Academy announced last week the opening of an administrative investigation and admitted that the school services could. “go to next” A young girl whom the institution knew how to harass.

“We condemn the inertia of the authorities, which seem to resent the fact that a 13-year-old girl hanged herself and her parents, who have been warning for months, have been completely abandoned.said M.e Debuisson. “I tried everything, I did everything. We didn’t help, they let us go, completely. No support before, during or after”said Lindsey’s mother, Betty. “If they would have helped us, I am sure that my daughter would have been among us. »

Very slow response from social networks »

Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye on Thursday evening assessed that it was a “Collective Failure”. This is the chain of events: the main instigator of the violence was first temporarily eliminated on November 14 (…), then finally eliminated on February 27, and we got the tragedy of May 12.reports Pap Ndiaye on BFMTV, who addresses the problem “cyber harassment”which in this case was taken from bullying at school.

“Mom got it, Lindsay got it, the nurse got it, CPE got it (Educational Senior Advisor), by the director” Following the harassment report, Pas-de-Calais academic director Jean-Roger Ribault said at a press conference on May 26. “We made a protocol, it gave us a disciplinary council, this disciplinary council made it possible to exclude one of the main authors of the incident.he added. “Unfortunately, it turned out to be insufficient. »

For Pap Ndiaye, social networks “have their share of responsibility”. According to him, it is necessary “The pressure is more accentuated”. “We’re going to consult with other ministries and act very strongly on social media, because beyond what they can say, we know that their response is very slow and certainly not what we expect from them.”, he hammered. The minister also confirmed that he followed “personally” Lindsay’s suicide file. Based on the judicial and administrative investigation, he assured that he was painting “If necessary, all the conclusions regarding the staff and especially the general conclusions about the way we can move forward”.

there “The family needs answers, we need to give them” In turn, the government spokesman, Olivier Veran, announced on Thursday while moving to Pas-de-Calais. he insisted “Parental Responsibility” In the fight against bullying.

Online courses, evening courses, workshops: develop your skills

A support department has been functioning in the college since May 15, and on May 24, a white march was organized in memory of the young girl.

Pope Ndiae announced a “Strengthening the Anti-Harassment Unit”, without further details. The school bullying prevention system, the Program Against Bullying in Schools (pHARE), which has been tested in primary schools and colleges in six academies since 2019, is due to complete its rollout this year. According to the ministry, 91% of colleges and 64% of schools are already involved in this program, in addition to other anti-bullying measures such as 30 20 emergency numbers (for families and victims) and 30 18 (cyberbullying). .

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde

There were no profits in 80% of companies in the State of Mexico


There were no profits in 80% of companies in the State of MexicoCredits: Special

The Covid-19 pandemic, which experienced its highest “peak” in the years 2020 and 2021, has still had an impact in the distribution of profit-sharing which, according to the law, should have been done during the past month. The preliminary of the Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the State of Mexico (Concaem) is that at the national level and in this federal entity, only 20% or less of the companies have been able to comply with the stipulations, which is a right of every worker.

Gilberto Sauza Martínez, president of this trade organization, affirmed that the automotive sector is the one that does not have large profits to distribute among its employees, “because the automotive sector will remember that it has not only made the subject to a pandemic, but also comes with problems in the issue of supply of microchips and other technologies due to the war in Ukraine, due to China and due to all the global effects”.

The one that didn’t have black numbers either respecting the distribution of profits It was the prepared food sector, “I think those are the two main ones. In the State of Mexico, less than 20% of companies had the conditions to share profits,” added the businessman.

Among the least affected positions are agribusiness, pharmaceuticals and technology generation. Sauza Martínez recalled that in the period 2020-2021 it was the most complicated for businessmen, since only less than two percent had the conditions to share the profits.

In order to achieve good dividends in companies and for them to have profit sharing the following year 2024, what is local must be consumed to avoid losing economic units and therefore jobs, he said. added.

“Companies that don’t make a profit for consecutive years will close, if any, some of them come out flat, but in most cases they come out in the red”

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

Hell on the rails: a train derails with dangerous toxic substances


The incident is of concern because of the dangers associated with the toxic substances being transported.Credits: Special.

In a disturbing new incident, a a train carrying toxic substances derailed yesterday near the town of Lancaster, Minn.as announced by the Governor Tim Waltz On Twitter. The governor said there were no injuries and the situation was under control. Walz also said experts were on their way to inspect the crash site and assess the damage.

This unfortunate event happenedIt was about 10 miles from the Canada-US border. Of the 24 freight wagons that made up the convoy, three of them contained harmful materials, but no leaks were recorded in any of them.

Despite this relative calm, the incident is worrying because of the dangers associated with the toxic substances being transported.

It is important to note that this derailment comes just one day after another similar incident near Balfour, North Dakota.

The train crash is the big concern in the United States

There seems to be a worrying series of train accidents involving hazardous substances in the region, raising questions about the safety and management of these transports.

Let us remember that the last February 3a freight train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed Eastern Palestine, Ohiocausing a fire and the release of toxic substances into the area.

This unfortunate incident had serious consequences for the local inhabitants, as well as for the aquifers and the natural environment.

Given these disturbing events, it is essential that thorough investigations be carried out to determine the causes of the derailments and to assess the safety measures in the transport of toxic substances.

There The protection of the population and the environment must be an absolute priority in these cases.and adequate measures must be implemented to prevent future accidents and minimize the risks associated with handling and transporting hazardous materials.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

Lionel Messi’s departure from PSG: his father Jorge is back at the center of the game


Very few people know the secret of the gods of the Argentinian football legend, Lionel Messi. The forward will play his final game at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) against Clermont on Saturday, June 3, and if anyone has any idea what the future holds for the world champion, it’s probably his father’s agent, Jorge Messi. The latter has been negotiating “Pulga” (“chip”) contracts behind the scenes since its inception.

In the football industry, it is rare to see parents looking out for their child’s best interests. Only at PSG: Neymar’s father has been involved everywhere in the Brazilian’s career, while Wilfried Mbappe and Faiza Lamar have meticulously managed their son Kylian’s career from an early age.

But Messi Sr., 65, was a forerunner. He became an agent in the early 2000s by force of circumstance. The tale, everyone knows: young Leo, who plays for Newell’s Old Boys club in Rosario, 300 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires, suffers from a growth deficiency and must follow hormone treatment. The health coverage that her father has from her job allows her to be supported… until the economic crisis hits the country.

Jorge then goes to Spain, Catalonia to be exact, with the 13-year-old prodigy and manages to convince Barcelona to pay for his treatment. Father and son will settle there, while the rest of the family stays in Rosario. “Jorge goes from a steel mill supervisor to a future global nugget agent.” He is an autodidact who accompanied his son from the beginning of his career.Florent Torchut, journalist, explains French football and the author of the biography King Leo (Sun, 2022).

The patriarch of the family

At the beginning, precisely, the advisers accompany Jorge, who discovers the trade. “They have been erased from history. Jorge passed them for the lead.– says a source who knows Messi’s clan well. Leo needs no one else but someone who blindly trusts his father. “Among three brothers [Rodrigo et Matias, frères aînés du joueur], Lionel is most similar to Jorge. The latter is protected and cautious »Alfredo Martínez, a journalist from the Spanish radio station Onda Cero, who was with Messi after his arrival in Catalonia, describes.

Quietly – he prefers not to attract attention – Jorge built a network and influence as his son established himself as the world’s best player in the late 2000s. aspects of marketing and communications, but he remains his son’s privileged adviser on matters. Sports nature. “The term returns again: sports project. Jorge always revives the negotiations on the sports project, the ambitions of the club.Florent Torchut explains.

Source: Le Monde