Follow the Artemis 1 mission in real time with this tool from NASA

For those who are excited, excited and curious about the launch of the first flight of NASA’s Artemis program, the US space agency has created a tool on its website that shows the entire trajectory of this mission to the Moon.

the rocket Space launch system (SLS) was launched on Wednesday (16), successfully sending the uncrewed Orion capsule through the Artemis 1 mission to the Moon. Until the end of the journey, your route can be followed in real time through the Track Artemis.

According to NASA, on this platform, if the Internet user wishes, he can download trajectory data and create his own applications. An animation of Orion cruising through space can be viewed, along with the mission’s elapsed time, as well as the capsule’s speed and its distance from Earth and the Moon.

Additionally, the user can change the view of the spacecraft by rotating the camera, switching between the four cameras on the wings of the solar arrays, or switching views between mission paths. You can also get a close look at the spacecraft. Erika Peters, press officer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, revealed in a post on tumblr that the site “may also be used to create a physical model, animation, visualization, tracking application, or other conceivable project.”

According to Peters, the online data is the same generated by a group within NASA’s Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. The group is responsible for “following where the spacecraft is and where it will be.”

This data is collected by a trio of huge satellite dishes installed in the following places on the Earth: in the US state of California, in Madrid (Spain) and in Canberra (Australia), which form the deep space network, server responsible for communication with NASA missions throughout the Solar System. “An accurate trajectory is essential for meeting mission objectives, maintaining communication links, lighting, adjusting trajectory and much more,” said Peters.

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